Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Varun Sharma refuses a film offer for his pet

Varun Sharma who just came back from his first schedule of Rabtaa, took a break and visited his home town in Jalandhar. The actor was in for quite a surprise when he got a call from a production house that want his pet for a role in a Punjabi film. Varun has his reservations and thus he decided not to go ahead with it.  

On touching base with Varun he stated, “I got a call from one of the major production houses here in Punjab who told me that they have a very interesting role for my pet dog. I was taken aback. It was difficult for me to digest it and without giving it a thought I said no. Shooting for films is a hectic task and with lights and grilling schedules it takes a toll on our health. I am an animal lover and I got this pet so that I can spend some time with him and not coz I can make money out of him." said Varun Sharma.

Now that’s like a true pet lover.

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