Sunday, June 12, 2016

​​​Varun Sharma to help retired teachers ​

Varun Sharma is not ​only ​an brilliant actor but he is also an amazing human being in real life.

Not many know but Varun Sharma​'s mother Veena Gulshan was a Fine art teacher at a renowned college in Jalandhar and hence he is going all out to help retired teachers to live a life they deserve. Teachers who gave 20-30 years of their lives training and educating the next generation gets mere Rs.700/- to Rs.1000/- as pension from government. ​ 

"Being a teacher is not an easy job and it’s sad that they get such small pensions after working so hard. A few of my childhood friends and I have pledged to support two families of retired teachers in Punjab. We will sort out their monthly expenses," informs Varun who will be next seen in Dinesh Vijan’s Raabta.

​​Most of the teachers don​’t have kids to take care of them, and some teachers have their families settling abroad. Hence, with no one to support; ​Life gets very difficult for some teachers in old age.

"At an age when they should relax, they are forced to do odd jobs like baby-sitting. All I am trying to do is to help them and spread awareness about the problem," asserts the actor, adding that he visits Punjab once a few months to spend time with the teachers and their families. 

"I am what I am today just because of what I was taught in school. I would give credit to all my teachers to make me a respectable person of the society. I am too small a person to return their favor. All I am doing is trying to help them in some or the other way so that they can have a respectable life.​ Also,​I love spending time with elders. They talk about their life experiences and there is so much to learn from them,"" Says Varun.

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