Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kay Kay Menon calls for Emergency with Bollywood's First Concept launch

Kay Kay has always been an actor who allowed his work to talk but this time around he seems to be going all out for his next Sann 75 which has Emergency as the backdrop. An insider reveals, everyone is aware about Kay Kay's acting skills and it's a no brainier when it comes to performance,  but the people who have seen the rushes are gushing about this being his best performance where he has surpassed his own expectations.

With the film being a political thriller, the makers have ensured that the same reached out to maximum people. Right from the set up to his look, all will take one back to the Era of 75. Kay Kay Menon is not one of those actors who goes out of his ways to promote his films. But when he does, he does it whole heartedly.

We all know that Indira Gandhi issued emergency in the year 1975 but how many of us know that the first ever mobile phone was bought in India in the same year? So when you have Kay Kay Menon and a film on Mobile phone why not club them together and use it to promote the film. Hence, now we will see Kay Kay Menon promoting his next film San 75 via mobile phones where the audience will be seen receiving a call from the actor himself post which they will get a link that opens up with a customized Kay Kay Menon video and message for his fans.

"This is a brilliant idea that our marketing team had thought off. We shot a video with Kay Kay Menon where he is not talking about his film but is asking people when was the first mobile phone introduced in India and to know the answer he shows the trailer of the film. It is an innovative concept which I don't think has been used in promoting Bollywood films and I am sure it will capture the attention of the viewers." Says the producer Kabir Lovee.

Varun  Gupta marketing and creative director trigger max stated "In this Day n Age of instant  information and attention seeking .. it’s important to come up with innovation in Film Marketing.. especially for films not having so called 'BIG ' stars All one needs to ensure is that it’s done true to the film cause the audiences have evolved and can’t be taken for Granted ...San' 75 thus have us the perfect fit for Bollywood's First Concept launch."

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