Monday, September 11, 2023

Mrinal Kulkarni, Suvrat Joshi, Vaibhav Tatwawadi celebrate "Big FM’s Big Marathi Bioscope with Subodh Bhave Season 2"

The ever-evolving history of Marathi cinema, its anecdotes, interesting trivia and many more timeless moments have captivated the audiences over time. In a grand celebration of its rich legacy, BIG FM, one of the leading radio networks in the country, culminated the season 2 of its highly acclaimed show 'BIG Marathi Bioscope with Subodh Bhave' with a spectacular on-ground event. Held on 10th September, in Pune, the event was graced by renowned names from the Marathi industry such as Mrinal Kulkarni, Vaibhav Tatwawadi, Suvrat Joshi, Hrishikesh Joshi, Gayatri Datar, Alok Rajvade and many more along with the show’s host Subodh Bhave.

BIG Marathi Bioscope with Subodh Bhave Season 2 took listeners on an exciting journey of captivating narratives, iconic moments and legendary stars that have defined Marathi cinema. Hosted by Subodh Bhave, the event provided listeners with the chance to not only hear but also watch the magic of Marathi cinema unveil. It offered a unique blend of celebration and nostalgia to the audiences, forging a meaningful connection with them. Bringing together stars from the Marathi industry, Mrinal Kulkarni shared engaging anecdotes and insights into Marathi cinema's evolution over the decades. The evening's glamour quotient soared as special guests Suvrat Joshi, Gayatri Datar, Vaibhav Tatwawadi, Hrishikesh Joshi and Alok Rajvade took the stage and joined in the celebrations. Interacting with his fans and RJs of BIG FM, Subodh Bhave also shared his experience of being part of the show and the amazing response it has garnered.

Speaking about the same, Sunil Kumaran, COO, BIG FM said, “Reflecting on the incredible journey of BIG Marathi Bioscope with Subodh Bhave, a show that has truly touched hearts, we are delighted by the overwhelming response it has garnered. This show has been a heartfelt tribute to the illustrious Marathi film industry, a testament to its timeless narratives and exceptional talents. The on-ground event was a celebration, providing our listeners with the opportunity to actively become a part of the entire experience. We eagerly look forward to the next chapter, filled with the promise of more vibrant narratives and extraordinary moments.”

Actor and host, Subodh Bhave said, “The show has been a tribute to the incredible world of Marathi cinema and drama, and I am truly humbled by the love and support it has received from our audience. We've celebrated the iconic moments, shared the stage with remarkable personalities from the industry, and most importantly, forged a strong bond with our listeners. As we culminate Season 2 with this on-ground event on a high note, I would like to extend my gratitude to BIG FM for curating a show that celebrates the magic of Marathi cinema.”

The event was marked by interactive segments that engaged the audience in delightful ways. Subodh Bhave played fun contests, trivia quizzes and games, ensuring the evening was high on engagement and entertainment. There were also powerpact performances on marathi medley songs by the popular band Melody Makers. The grand event of ‘BIG Marathi Bioscope with Subodh Bhave’ season 2 brought together film stars and passionate fans, all united in their love for Marathi cinema's timeless magic. The show is in partnership with PNG Jewellers as the presenting partner and Lokmanya Multipurpose Co-op Society Ltd. as the finance partner. The event will be broadcasted on the leading regional news channel Zee 24 Taas.

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