Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Naseeruddin Shah quips, “Robert DeNiro should be called Naseeruddin Shah of America”

In the upcoming episode of Yuvaa's “Be A Man, Yaar! with Nikhil Taneja,” Naseeruddin Shah opens up about his remarkable journey. With candid humour, he playfully suggests that he prefers not to be called the "Robert DeNiro of India" but rather believes that Robert DeNiro should be known as the “Naseeruddin Shah of America.”

During this engaging conversation, he reflects on the challenges he faced in the early stages of his career in the entertainment industry. However, the heart of this episode lies in his profound insights into masculinity, where he said, “There was a time when I was completely awed by masculinity. But this blatant misogynistic attitude, hating women, an attitude that doesn’t consider women worthy - how long will this last?”

Drawing from his own childhood experiences, he sheds light on how his upbringing influenced his views on gender equality. “Manhood was given a lot of importance in our family.” But the women in our family couldn't receive an education, couldn't get educated. That makes me very angry.”

Naseeruddin Shah delves into the complex relationship with his father, emphasizing how their interactions have shaped his perception of masculinity over the years. He movingly mentions, "I had never touched my father," and boldly proclaims, "I never wanted to become like my father; I always thought, why can't I be like my mother?"

One of the most endearing parts of the episode is when show host Nikhil Taneja enquires about Naseeruddin Shah's enduring and harmonious marriage to Ratna Pathak Shah, who is equally outspoken and successful. As a man, he shares insights into their remarkable bond, stating, "Our marriage thrived because we never imposed fixed expectations on each other. Gender roles were never etched in stone within our relationship. I told her from the outset that I couldn't cook, but I could do the dishes and cleaning. Gradually, we discovered one another, and it was a continuous revelation. The bedrock of our union was our unwavering friendship, where roles remained undefined, and we remained steadfast friends."

This episode of "Be A Man, Yaar" featuring Naseeruddin Shah is an extraordinary gem that advocates for gender equality. Don't miss this eye-opening conversation, exclusively on Yuvaa's YouTube channel. The unfiltered episode will also be available as a podcast on Amazon Music.

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