Saturday, September 30, 2023

The Northeast India International Film Festival gears up for its 2nd edition

The Northeast India International Film Festival (NIIFF) today announced that the 2nd edition of the festival will celebrate the magic of cinema across a variety of sections, including India & International Competition as well as Cinema from the Northeast special category. With a mission to promote art, culture, and cinema in the Northeast India region, Festival Founder and Director Rebecca Changkiza Sema along with Festival Joint Director Shiraz Henry and Festival Chairman Prof. Dr. Mohan Das briefed media persons on the exciting developments and the impressive line-up of films that were received for its 2nd edition. The festival, which had its impressive start last year has already been garnering a lot of support as a film makers destination for new, ground-breaking storytelling from established and emerging artists.

For the unversed, the first edition of the festival was held in December 2022 in Dimapur, Nagaland under the aegis of the Ministry of I&B, NFDC and Directorate of Information & Public Relations (DIPR), Government of Nagaland. Organised by Find Studioz in support with UFO Cinema & Eon Films, the NIIFF, which has gained significant prominence has become an essential platform for filmmakers not only across the globe but majorly for film makers and artists from the Northeast of India to showcase their talent and creative works on an international stage.

To promote the Northeast region as a Potential Filmmaking Destination and open the doors to broader audience for filmmaking in Northeast India, Festival Director Rebecca Changkiza Sema says, “With a vision of not only taking the Northeast India International Film Festival to even greater heights and aiming to elevate it as one of the most prestigious film festivals globally, I want to bring in film makers to shoot in this beautiful region not only from India but also from across the world. Sparring a few films in recent times like Anek and Bhediya, and the forthcoming Emergency, the northeast Indian region has not yet been showcased to its full potential. The focus of this festival is to bring in filmmakers, artists, film enthusiasts, critics and cultural connoisseurs; as it signifies increased opportunities for exposure, recognition, and collaboration in the world of cinema.”

Adding his valuable insights and perspectives, Festival Joint Director Shiraz Henry said, “The annual NIIFF film festival not only provides an enriching cinematic experience, but also serves as a platform for filmmakers, producers, and actors from the Northeast region as well as from around the world to showcase their work to a global audience. Shining a light on films from the Northeast region as well as across the globe, the #NIIFF2023 film festival will feature a curation of diverse stories and films, ranging from features to shorts to documentaries, music videos and series that will shed light on untold histories, to compelling narratives as well as explore contemporary social issues."

“Our first edition in Dimapur, Nagaland last year was a huge success and signified that the Northeast India International Film Festival (NIIFF) is evolving into a global event. However, we are still navigating our way being a young Festival, but have been delighted with the feedback from film makers across the region and India as well as across international arena,” said Festival Chairman Prof. Dr. Mohan Das. "Promising to be a celebration of outstanding international cinema, fostering cultural exchange and unity through the universal language of films,” Prof. Dr. Mohan Das “reiterated the importance of this film festival aimed to showcase the northeast region’s rich cultural diversity and traditions through cinematic lens to the outside world.”

Festival Director Rebecca stressed the need to explore the natural beauty of the region and to promote them as film destinations. She also pledged to continue to support emerging filmmakers as well as welcome production houses and studios to shoot in the Northeast India’s extraordinary landscapes as she navigates her plan to capturing the attention of the global film industry as well as make a mark on the festival circuit.

Submissions are open to Filmmakers wanting to submit their films to the festival. You can submit your films through

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