Friday, May 3, 2024

Globally Renowned Punjabi Lyricist Chani Nattan Releases “FACETIME”

Lyrical virtuoso, Chani Nattan, marks his official signing to 91 North Records with the debut of his bold release “Facetime.” With poetic storytelling and cultural narratives that have captivated his fans and listeners alike, the Punjabi music titan is joined by Inderpal Moga and Miss Pooja on the single, which promises to captivate fans worldwide. Facetime is now available on all streaming platform here.

Penned alongside frequent collaborators, Inderpal Moga and Skyy (Mohit Kuma Bhardwaj), Facetime merges intriguing Punjabi rhythms with nostalgic hip hop soundscapes. With its trance-inducing beat produced by Skyy (Mohit Kuma Bhardwaj), Facetime is a Punjabi hip-hop masterpiece that delves into the relatable squabbles in modern day relationships. Of the track, Nattan says “This song is a duet between two lovers going back-and-forth via FaceTime through their ups and downs. In the end, they are together forever.” Watch the official music video, directed by Basant Creations here.

Chani Nattan is a lyrical virtuoso, whose poetic storytelling and cultural narratives have captivated his fans and listeners alike. His collaborations, while notable for their star-studded line-ups, are underscored by his unique lyrical flair, which stands as the heartbeat of each track. Of his many popular singles, "Daku" has been key in propelling him to global recognition as it continues to trend on India’s Spotify charts with 250M views on YouTube and 120M IG Reel Sounds. His songs have become anthems within the Punjabi diaspora and his music crosses cultural boundaries and unites listeners through shared emotions. 

Outside of working as a renowned writer, who predominantly performs alongside regular collaborator Inderpal Moga, his other collaborators include Sukha, Ikky, AR Paisley, Bobby Shmurda and many more. In addition to the numerous tracks, he has penned for international superstar Diljit Dosanjh, such as ‘Umbrella’ which surpassed +5M views on YouTube in its first two weeks, his single Daku not only amassed over 1 Billion global streams, but is an all-time hit single, as one of the most streamed songs on Spotify in India.

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