Thursday, May 30, 2024

Simran Choudhary's latest release “Chori” sparks emotion with its narrative of secrecy & love

~ Everyone has experienced the thrill of secret love and it hits differently, Chori is just that says Simran Choudhary ~

Simran Choudhary, sets flames in the Indian pop music scene with her next single, Chori. Recounting the thrills of a secret love, this track takes listeners on a melodious journey through the feelings of seduction and desire. With its soul-stirring melodies 'Chori' promises to leave lasting impressions on audiences worldwide.

Brought to life through Simran’s ethereal voice and poignant lyrics by Raja, the track is a collaborative effort with Simran Choudhary and Raja composing the music, and Aden producing the soundscape. The track’s bittersweet melody and delicate arrangement perfectly complements Simran’s storytelling, creating an experience that is both intimate and powerful. After receiving great critical acclaim for the Folkin Rani EP and Ni Bhabi, with each verse of ‘Chori’, Simran paints vivid imagery of a hidden romance, where time stands still. It’s the kind of song that stays with you long after it’s over.

Talking enthusiastically on the release, singer-performer Simran Choudhary shares, “Everyone has experienced the thrill of secret love and it hits differently, Chori is just that. The track captures those magical moments hidden from the world but that is deeply felt. Creating this song was a deeply emotional journey. After working with expressive, folk-inspired elements, with this track I’m embarking on an exciting new journey, exploring uncharted musical territories and experimenting with innovative sounds, and I hope the listeners feel the same thrill and intensity that I experienced while creating this song.”

Listen to “Chori” by Simran Choudhary here:

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