Thursday, May 23, 2024

Tech Mahindra partners with Fuji TV to produce content globally

~ Tech Mahindra, The IT Company introduced a partnership with Fuji TV to produce content globally by combining Fuji’s content with Tech Mahindra's technology services ~

Tech Mahindra, a leading global provider of technology consulting and digital solutions to enterprises across industries, announced a strategic partnership with Fuji TV, the leading broadcaster in Japan. As part of the partnership, both organizations will co-develop and produce content across genres for the global entertainment industry.

The partnership between Tech Mahindra and Japan's Fuji TV to produce content globally reflects a strategic collaboration aimed at leveraging each company's strengths in technology and media respectively. Tech Mahindra's expertise in technology and digital services combined with Fuji TV's experience and influence in the media industry could lead to the creation of innovative and compelling content that resonates with audiences worldwide. This collaboration also demonstrates the increasing importance of international partnerships in the entertainment industry to meet the evolving demands of global audiences. It will be intriguing to see the type of content they produce and how successful their collaboration proves to be in the global market.

The partnership aims to drive significant growth in rapidly expanding content markets such as India, where niche content genres, including Anime and Korean dramas, are rapidly gaining popularity. It will combine Fuji TV’s original content with Tech Mahindra's localization and animation services. Additionally, Tech Mahindra will help Fuji TV license Indian content IP (Intellectual Property) and leverage its animation expertise to create fresh and captivating Japanese content for a global audience.

The collaboration between Tech Mahindra and Fuji TV appears to be a comprehensive partnership aimed at not only producing content but also ensuring its successful adaptation and distribution in new markets. By assisting Fuji TV in localizing its content for the Indian audience through services like dubbing, subtitling, and animation, Tech Mahindra is facilitating cultural accessibility and engagement. Moreover, Tech Mahindra's support in licensing Fuji TV's content to OTT and PayTV platforms in India and Japan underscores their commitment to maximizing the reach and impact of the content. This partnership exemplifies the importance of cross-cultural collaboration and adaptation in the global entertainment landscape.

Referring to this strategic partnership, Toru Ota, Executive Vice President of Fuji Television Network, has stated “The goal is to not only expand business in the Indian market but also to create innovative content that has the potential for global reach.”

Harshvendra Soin who is the President of Asia Pacific and Japan Business at Tech Mahindra has also expressed that “We have partnered with Fuji TV to bring their content library in various local languages to Indian audiences. This also marks a significant milestone in Tech Mahindra's growth strategy and strengthens our position in the media and entertainment industry. We see great potential in developing IPs catering to the Indian, Japanese, and other major content markets.”

This partnership between Fuji TV and Tech Mahindra marks an exciting development in the Indian entertainment market. By joining forces, both companies are strategically positioning themselves to capitalize on the rapidly growing demand for content in India and beyond. Overall, this partnership not only aims to expand business opportunities in the Indian market but also to create content with global appeal, reflecting the dynamic and interconnected nature of the modern entertainment industry.

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