Tuesday, May 28, 2024

‘Hierarchy’ Trailer teases a dark scandal and social upheaval at Jooshin High School

~ Directed by Bae Hyeon-jin, all seven episodes of 'Hierarchy' will begin streaming from June 7 only on Netflix ~ 

“I killed someone...” The chilling opener for the Hierarchy trailer sets the tone for a series wrapped in mystery and scandal. As news of a student’s death becomes public, tension grows and secrets slowly begin to unravel.

At Jooshin High School, the air is thick with privilege and hidden agendas. This elite playground is ruled by school queen Jung Jae-i (Roh Jeong-eui) and her boyfriend, Kim Ri-an (Kim Jae-won), known as the king. Their reign is unchallenged until Kang Ha (Lee Chae-min), a scholarship student with a vendetta, transfers in. Driven by revenge, his presence begins to disrupt the intricate web of relationships at the top. Alongside them, Yoon He-ra (Chi Hae-won) and Lee Woo-jin (Lee Won-jeong) complete the circle of exclusive students who govern the school.

As the school dynamics are meant to mirror the world of grown-ups, director Bae Hyeon-jin emphasizes the effort put into creating the world of Hierarchy. “Jooshin High School takes pride in its established order, which has never been challenged. We meticulously worked on the details of each space, like the designs, textures, and lighting. We also used structural elements to serve as metaphors about the characters’ circumstances, from the old building, which embodies the school’s pride and traditions, to the staircases, which represent the hierarchy at Jooshin.”

The trailer also captures the tension-filled conflict between Ri-an and Kang Ha while teasing a shake-up in the school’s social order as Jae-i tells Ri-an she wants to break up. What chaos will this cause in their tightly-knit group?

Blending romance with mystery, where every relationship comes at a cost, this series features a cast of rising young stars who are set to make up the next generation of K-drama stars.

Will Kang Ha find the justice he seeks? Find out when Hierarchy premieres on June 7, only on Netflix. You can watch the trailer here...

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