Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bela Mardia marked her debut solo art show with support from Mahima Choudhary

Bela Mardia unveiled her collection, ‘The Palette Knife’ at her debut solo art show. Her paintings reflect her experimental approach to materials and surfaces.

Mehmood Curmally (Owner, Rhythm House) inaugurated Bela Mardia’s solo art show. Actress, Mahima Choudhary graced the occasion to lend support to her beloved friend. Also seen were, Vikram and Jeeya Sethi, Mr Bahl with daughter Sanjana amongst others

Mahima shares, “It astonishes me how one can create a beautiful piece of work by just playing with the knife, Bela’s art work is going to do wonders to my empty walls”

Dense oil and encaustic portraits from Bela’s artwork evoke the effects of time on memory and representation. The figures sometimes dissolve or disintegrate into their surroundings, occasionally into the material of the painting itself. Exhibited alongside these new portraits are several large scale works, including landscapes – not the pastoral environments of an idealized natural world; but a reckoning of their own, impacted by crisis and activated by abstraction. In a departure from traditional modes of representational painting,Bela uses figures and landscapes to negotiate inner and outer states. In these paintings an inventive approach to paint handling, where the knife dissolve images, and darkness is built up in layers, creates moments where the mechanism of painting is its own subject.

With rare integrity, has developed her oeuvre based on abstract painting but gradually stepping into the spatial dimension. Her artwork engages spectators in a way that it makes them both onlookers and participators on a stage.

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