Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sumit Uday Films new movie 'Kar Gayee Chull' launched

Sumit Uday Films that recently completed its first Hindi feature Keh Do Na Love Hai in a joint venture is venturing on his own to produce his next film titled KAR GAYEE CHULL. The film will throw light on a racket that recently took lives of a few youngsters. The producer Sumit Bansala revealed the title and the conceptual poster of the movie today at a media gathering in Meerut on the auspicious occasion of Anant Chaturdashi. Besides speaking to media persons, he posted the photo on social sites saying: "Here we go!! Our next film to go on floors soon."

Speaking on the theme of the film, Producer Sumit Bansala without divulging much detail said, “It’s a youthful zany film that has a dynamic storyline which most youngsters will associate with. The movie has a very simple plot of four friends, their die-to-death friendship as the film details the ups and downs of their lives as each pursues go through their dreams and fears in the not-always-kind town of Delhi.”

Mohan Das who has won not one but two Best Director awards will be directing this film. He mentioned that the subject of Kar Gayee Chull is different from the usual youngster films that one sees. It will handle a sensitive issue faced by youngsters these days with a pinch of comedy and thrill. Speaking about the extent to which the production team is gone to ensure quality production values, Mohan says that his producer is leaving no stone unturned to make this film, a success. “Apart from shooting at various locations in Delhi, Noida and Meerut, we will be shooting a part of his film in Bangkok and Pattaya and the very famous Walking Street,” said Mohan Das.

When asked about his first feature film #KDNLH that will soon see its way into the theatres, vis-à-vis #KGC, Sumit says: “Both Keh Do Na Love Hai and Kar Gayee Chul are totally different in their concept and make, as KDNLH is an absolute romantic while KGC is a youthful film with a message for the youngsters. Having said that, I would like to add that the film doesn’t get preachy but it’ll be interesting to see how life unfolds of our four lead youngsters and pick the message to take life seriously from their story.”

Sumit along with Mohan Das has also done a short film Sandhya - an awakening that will soon be making its way into the festival circuit. “Given the subject that is touched upon in this short, I am sure, this film will pick up a few awards on the way,” said Sumit. When asked what else has he lined up further, Sumit concluded, "I have a few things on my mind. As of now, the release of #KDNLH is first priority and of course going on floors with #KGC. But there’s another project in the pipeline that is ‘close to my heart’. But I don’t wanna reveal it right now and will do so at the right time with a big bang. And it will be happening sometime before the year ends.”

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