Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"If you cut me, you will find blood and pani-puri," laughs foodie Rupali Suri

Actress Rupali Suri is probably one of the biggest foodies in Bollywood. And it's easy to understand that. How? Simple. Ask her about food, and she begins to talk like a girl possessed. Lol. We mean, food-possessed :p

Talking about her favourite restaurants, Rupali likes this place called the The Big Chill in Delhi. But when abroad, she doesn't really have any favourite, but likes to try out different restaurants, "especially the small boutique restaurants which have great tastes to offer."

But when it comes to her all-time fav snack, the gal is a hardcore bambaiya. Her favourite street-food is chaat and pani-puri. "In college, I would tell my friends, 'If you cut me, you will fine blood and pani-puri'. Its madness that I still savour it the same way," she laughs. "The strange thing is, pani-puris are also a stress-buster for me."

She's tried her most weird dish "in China" but wouldn't tell us what it was. We can imagine why. Gee ;-) But near to home, Rupali's all-time fav is are "mom-made dahi-kadhi and pakodas with rice. No one can make it as mom does."

"Eat what your heart desires, but also watch what you eat," she advises. "After all, it's no less than an art to balance fitness and food."

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