Monday, September 24, 2012

Simon Cowell moved to tears!

Who said it’s only our judges who do rona dhona and dramebaazi on reality shows? Perhaps they learnt that art from the west as this weekend the judges on X Factor USA got emotional as 20 year old Jillian Jensen poured her soul out during her performance

Singing is a talent that takes over the mind and wins over the heart. And 20-year-old Jillian Jensen’s performance did just that when she moved The X Factor judges, especially Simon Cowell to tears with her rendition of ‘Who You Are’. When young Jillian stepped onto stage, the emotions on the set were thick with anticipation on what a girl so young could possibly present to the judges. However, Jillian moved the crowds to a frenzy as she brought out buried emotions with her performance that was seen on the weekend’s episode of The X Factor which airs in India, concurrent to the US, every Friday and Saturday at 10PM on BIG CBS Prime, Love and Spark.

The petite singer who hails from Massachusetts struck a special chord with Demi Lovato, who stepped on-stage and embraced Jillian after her heartwarming rendition as she shared the tragic story of her bullied past with the judges. Her singing was so touching that it made the usually grim L. A. Reid exclaim, “I have never ever heard anybody take their insecurities and take their pain and put it into a song the way you have!” The other two judges were equally impressed by Jillian’s singing with Simon calling it “incredible” as he wiped off his tears, and Britney telling Jillian that she has no reason to cry because she is an amazing singer. Jillian Jensen’s performance surely touched the judges’ hearts. Did it touch yours too? Stay tuned for more such mind blowing performances and find out who’s the best amongst all.

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