Saturday, March 7, 2015

"Beauty awakens the soul to act" and Homai Baria acts with style and elan

This week's Model is Mrs. Homai Baria – An Actor/Model from Chennai who found her calling when she landed up on the sets with a Parsi friend accompanying her kids for a shoot. Destined perhaps to get into this career, the mother for the shoot did not come as she fell ill and they took a test on her. And as they say - the rest is History. She was roped in and from then on it has become her passion. From being a successful professional baker to an Avon cosmetics leader, her heart she says lies in acting.

Homai Baria has gained popularity with her poignant portrayal in the Kalyan Jewelers advertisement with actor Prabhu as well as of Apollo hospital, Tazaa tea, CITI BANK, ICICI Bank, etc. to name a few. She has also done a few tamil movies and is open to picking up roles that suit her age and her profile. She can aptly play a grandmother or do roles of a professor or a doctor too. She has even walked the ramp for the Gold Jewelry Council of India as the grandmother of the bride. “It was an awesome experience even if I shivered in the first walk but later it was a piece of cake walk,” Baria says laughingly in her trademark jovial style.

Speaking about her ambitions, quoting Dante Alighieri she says, "Beauty awakens the soul to act. I chose modeling because I love acting and comedy is my forte. I do agree I got into this line by accident but now love every minute of it. I took a four year break to look after my 4 grand kids but now am ready to roll. And I’m looking forward to that one character that leaves a deep impact in the minds of all… and I am keen to do such a role.”

Quoting Alex Haley >>Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children<< she asserts, “I don’t mind playing a violent grandmother too like Oprah Winfrey who is playing a violent brothel-running grandmother of comic Richard Pryor in a new biopic. I guess with my too good to be true looks it would be pretty interesting and am sure the audience too will love it. Also I think doing such a role would be pretty challenging for sure as in real life I am just the opposite. The crux of it is that I want my acting prowess to do the talking cos I think doing varied shades and roles are sure to raise your profile. You’re also more interesting if you’re more passionate about acting and I am just passionate about it. Period!”

With a focus to do varied roles and make a mark, Homai Baria is keenly looking to do movies & short films, ads, print media, etc. We at Films & TV World wish her all the best. To view her profile, click:

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