Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pravesh Rana teams up again for the fifth edition of Emotional Atyachaar

Gear up for an all-new season of Emotional Atyachaar, starting March 27th, 2015 on bindass as the upcoming season of the ground-breaking series chronicles stories with friends coming together to expose infidelity
Defining relationships and what they mean to the youth today, bindass, the home grown entertainment brand for the youth, is now bringing back Emotional Atyachaar - the series that has been synonymous with youth and relationships. Emotional Atyachaar is a show that has always mirrored society and with every season has brought stories of infidelity to light. And now with the fifth edition, while the show will continue to show the ‘infidel’ side of the relationship, it will also revolve around the theme of friendship.

This season of the ground-breaking series will follow the charades of friends as they get together and help uncover the plot. Loyalty will still be put to the test with every episode weaving together elements of unpredictable scenarios; entertaining investigative skills and eye-opening stories as friends will team up to save their friend from being cheated.

Emotional Atyachaar – season 5 will be hosted by popular actor Pravesh Rana, who will be seen taking the viewers through the hard hitting stories. “Coming back to Emotional Atyachaar is like coming back home. The tagline of this season tehqiqaat, yaaron ke saath! Truly symbolizes the crux of the upcoming season. Right from loyalty tests to self-investigations, from stories documenting betrayals by friends to betrayals in marriage, this has truly been a journey and am really excited with this new season”, said the actor.

With cheaters getting smarter, and technology enabling cheaters to elude detection, who does one rely on? And with friends playing an important role in every individual’s life, Emotional Atyachaar season 5 will see the age-old adage of ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ truly put to the test. This season, you won't just see stories of infidelity and heartbreak; you'll see stories of friendship and love, of loyalty and dedication.

The premiering episode features a heart wrenching story of a simple boy Ronit, who believes in living each and every moment of his life. This happy go lucky lad, always followed his principles, for him his relationship and his best friends, Akshay, Anjali and Gautam held equal importance. He was madly in love with a beautiful girl named Anna, but within few days his best friend Gautam informed that she might be cheating on him, as her profile was available on a dating site.  Having no option left, he started investigating Anna’s actions but to his luck she was found innocent. The story got more complicated when he got to know how her profile was created, and why Gautam played him against her?

Was Gautam planning some conspiracy? Was Anna Innocent or did she have different colors to her character? Emotional Atyachaar is produced by Endemol Shine India and will be telecast every Friday at 7pm

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