Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Parth Doshi and Mudit Malhotra - Explosive Expression...

Much of the mystery about March is solved when we learn the month is named after Martius, the moniker for Mars. So what's the big deal about Mars, and why is it associated with March? A paramount god of war to the Roman Empire - an empire structured upon many ardent ideas like: Conquest, Heroism, Battle. Fighting for country, kin and emperor equates to standing resolute to a way of life. And so, Mars is the icon of these fiercely proud, patriotic and heroic qualities.

Originally, Martius (March) was the very first month of the Roman calendar. Symbolically, we can make sense of the arrangement. In their geographical region, the grips of winter are just beginning to lose their hold in March. It makes sense that a year should begin as a new season of life begins too.

Interestingly, before he became popularized as a war-monger, Mars was actually fertility and agricultural deity. He, along with other deities like Ceres and Cybele oversaw the new growth of spring, and encouraged the continuation of life (fertility, sex, procreation in human, plant and animal realms).

And so, March meaning embodies a kind of reigniting of the hearts and consciousness of humankind. This month we feel the initial kicks of Spring from the deepest womb of the Mother (Earth). And like our ancestors, we are quickened... our soul-palettes are whetted for new conquest and bold assertion and we set a course for forward-momentum.

Whether a god of war or agriculture, the personality of Mars is charging, unrelinquishing and brutally assertive. We find this kind of fervent focus in our March Models too as there is no stopping the burgeoning birth of new life in their career growth: Explosive Expression. Be it Parth Doshi from Pune or the indomitable Mudit Malhotra from Delhi. 

According to Kahlil Gibran “March on… do not tarry.. To go forward is to move towards perfection”, both are spearheading towards sucess as they have the spunk and much in keeping with the symbolic propulsion of Mars/March meaning. We wish them all the best. And we suggest you check the other models in waiting too as every month unfolds. Enjoy!

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