Thursday, May 26, 2016

Arjun Kapoor continues to grow as an actor with his diverse choices

While most youngsters look to find their comfort zones, there’s a young star who believes in challenging the odds to seek comfort. Yes, it is none other than the young and dashing Arjun Kapoor who has consistently been springing up one surprise after the other. Whether it’s his choice of films or TV shows or public appearances, this new age star is pleasantly unpredictable. While one may wonder what Arjun’s success mantra is, the actor believes it’s a calculated risk considering the vision and the talent of the directors he’s worked with so far.

Recently when Arjun was asked about how he musters courage to do different kinds of roles, Arjun said “I think if it was somebody else coming with an idea about me playing a homemaker, I wouldn’t have done it. And of course to do a Finding Fanny you need somebody as out there as Homi. He was the main reason for me to jump in... You cannot always do films for the monetary reasons. You cannot always do it for box-office especially when you are starting out because you really don’t know what’s going to work.”

While Arjun continues to grow as an actor with his diverse choices, we can only wonder what’s next in line.

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