Friday, May 27, 2016

From Kushti to Cowdung, Anushka in ‘Sultan’ is the perfect everyday female hero

Anushka Sharma looks dainty and urbane but none of this persona impacted her desi,village girl performance as Arfa in Sultan. In the film, Anushka handles domestic tasks with ease, perfectly playing the regular female hero in every Indian household who manages to multi task everyday.

Specifically, there is a scene where Anushka has to make cow dung cakes- a common form of household fuel used in Haryana. As Arfa, the ambitious and successful wrestler, her character takes on boys and challenges alike. She also took on the task of shooting with cow dung comfortably and delivered with ease. While the film’s production team was iffy about her comfort with cow dung, Anushka surprised everyone pleasantly.

Speaking about the many faces of Arfa, Anushka said, “Arfa’s strength lies in her quiet but resolute ability to manage work at home, on a farm and still focus on wrestling. Every Indian home has a hero in the woman who keeps everything together, and ensures that the family is cared for. Their work might be silent and go unnoticed at most times. Through Arfa, I hope to highlight their strength and contribution to society and family.”

Not just onscreen, in real life too, Anushka Sharma has been juggling different roles effortlessly. She has been shooting for her second home production ‘Phillauri’ in Punjab since mid April. She spent a week shooting for ‘Sultan’ and has returned to the Phillauri sets. Switching between roles, tasks and films with ease- Anushka’s commitment comes through. She will fly into Mumbai for a day for the grand Sultan trailer launch, and fly back to Punjab to finish her home production by June.When it comes to managing their life and passions, Anushka and Arfa have quite a few parallels.

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