Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kay Kay Menon's San' Pachattar is based on 1975 emergency

While Madhur Bhandarkar recently announced that he is all set to make his most ambitious project which will be based during the era of 1975 emergency, Pehle Aap Motion Pictures has already completed their Maiden project San Pachattar, which is also based on the era of Emergency.

"Emergency period lasted from June 1975 to March 1977 and is one of the darkest periods of Indian History. We learn true lessons of life only from history and I decided to make a film based on some unknown and uncovered events during the period of emergency. It's a fun film and is entertaining and stimulating at the same time. It’s not preachy and heavy like most films have been on the supposed unfortunate event of our recent memories. The style of editing and background score makes it edgy. It is a very well balanced film keeping both entertainment and sensibilities in place and will teleport you instantly to the 70's. It's sensible yet is entertaining and will ramble one into a trip. It will infuse some innovative freshness to our spectrum of movies and is the way forward,” says the producer Kabir Lovee.

"The film is an absolute visual and audio symphony. It is the first true Political Period Thriller of Indian Cinema. I am happy that I am a part of this film and played the most layered and myriad character of my career till date. It took me nearly six months to get into the skin and psyche of the character and to get the crisis right,” says Kay Kay Menon.

Speaking about Kay Kay, Kabir adds, “To quote the great Neil Armstrong when he landed on the moon - One small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind. I would say it's just ballsy. To do real justice to the role, who better than Kay Kay Menon. He is probably the best we have and is a true artist in all senses. I am delighted and blessed that he agreed to take on the challenge yet again and this time he has surpassed the apogee of performance ever being achieved on Indian celluloid. He reinvented it and made the character more dynamic by adding his style and nuances. We are gonna witness some awesomeness" says the producer. P. S. Kay Kay will devour us!!!

San' Pachattar is a stepping stone into the genre of Period Thriller, which has never been explored and carries a huge youth connect. The film’s plot revolves around a deal of the first mobile phone (prototype) being brought in India with emergency in the background.

While Madhur's project is still in its pre-production stages, San Pachattar that is directed by Navneet Behl and stars Kay Kay Menon, Pravessh Rana, Tom Alter and Kirti Kulhari in pivotal roles is all set to release soon.  Watch out..

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