Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ayushmann Loves Trains: Feels it is a great environment to inspire and create

An Indian train journey is a life experience, the diversity, the color, the melting pot of language, the varied cultures and a window that gives you a diverse panoramic view of India at a glance. Probably why Ayushmann Khuranna still rides the train every chance he gets. Even today Ayushmann travels from the capital city to his home town by train his favorite mode of transport!

The train journey appeals to the artist in him, Ayushmann feels that on a plane one is just waiting to get off and kill time by watching movies but in a train one there is so much inspiration around you. He also feels that in a train one can listen to music clearly and that the romance of the journey is in the people, the reverberations and the ever-changing vista. According to him, the train is a great environment to inspire and create.

But it’s not just the inspiration that he loves about travelling by the Indian Railways; it’s also a sense of nostalgia… His summer vacations with his family often started with a train journey. Ayushmann nostalgically adds “I love train travel for the sake of nostalgia… I know a lot of trains by their names. Even when I was doing theatre I used to travel from Chandigarh to Mumbai and there was this train called the Punjab Mail, which I used to travel by.”

Ask him about one of his favorite times on a train he quips “I remember coming to Mumbai for Mood Indigo, we 10-15 bunch of boys with dholak and guitars for street plays and we used to sing for the passengers, travelling from bogey to bogey and we used to collect money. We used to collect so much money that after finishing the concert, we used to sponsor our Goa trips with that money.”

And while Ayushmann is delights in his joy ride … we are sure all his fans can’t wait to bump into him on his next Train ride!!!

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