Friday, May 27, 2016

Neha Dhupia bags The Angries Award!

Taking the city by storm, RED from The Angry Birds Movie is out awarding celebrities who are ANGRY, and for a good reason. After bestowing Sonakshi Sinha and RJ Malishka with The Angries awards, the ANGRY BIRD has found the next angry celebrity – Bollywood darling and former Miss India Neha Dhupia. Of the many things that we love about the actress, the ones that we probably love the most are her strong opinions and her ability to take a stand. In the recent past the actress tweeted about the potholes menace in the city and little did she know that there would be a protest outside her house for voicing her honest opinion! This not only made the actress very angry but also made her the third winner of what's turning out to be an award to reckon with, The Angries!

The former Miss India & Bollywood Actress, who does not believe in suppressing opinions, received The Angries for Being Angry at Restricted Freedom of Speech

On getting the Award, the actress says, “It makes me angry to be forced to live with the fact that despite having the freedom of speech, we still aren't truly free to speak our minds. People and situations around us can be so restrictive and binding that it challenges the core of free speech. This Award is actually a reminder for me to never give up on my effort to voice my opinion, no matter what the odds. Also, it feels good to know that it has registered in someone's head that I'm here to speak my mind and hopefully one day, I’ll get a chance to do so without any barriers."

Any guesses on who will receive The Angries Award next? Find out why the Birds are so angry when you catch The Angry Birds Movie at a theatre near you in English, Hindi and Tamil from today - 27th May!

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