Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Halla Bol reveals a shocking case of molestation of a young girl by an unethical doctor

Halla Bol, the show that narrates stories of heroic women who stood against injustice done to them, will take up the grave issue of Molestation. This week’s episode revolves around Radhika, a young woman who shifted to Pune for higher studies and became a victim to molestation.

Radhika stayed with her elder brother in Pune, who worked as a junior doctor under Dr. Khurana in a hospital. One day, her brother, Nishant took her to Dr. Khurana as she was suffering from severe stomach pain. While doing her check-up, the doctor touched Radhika in a very uncomfortable manner, but she let the incident pass since her brother worked under him. Soon, Radhika experienced the same pain again and Khurana suggested that she should be under observation for an entire night. Due to the previous incident, Radhika was reluctant to spend the night at the hospital but, being a concerned brother, Nishant convinced her to get admitted. And, as soon as he left, just what she feared for, happened.

Radhika was frightened and unsure about her next step, therefore she consulted her friend. They finally informed her brother about the incident and the three of them planned a trap to reveal the doctor’s true colours. Were they successful in uncovering Dr. Khurana’s reality? Did Radhika manage to teach him a lesson? Was she molested by him or she managed to run away?

To find out, tune-in to Halla Bol, this Friday, 11thApril, 2014 at 7 pm on bindass

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