Friday, April 4, 2014

This week, Halla Bol takes on the matter of stalking

This week HallaBol, bindass’ latest show will be putting the spotlight on the subject of stalking. This latest offering from bindass brings more power to women by narrating incidences from various true stories of abuse where the victims have emerged victorious. This episode revolves around Divya, a 26 year old city girl who suddenly realises that she is being stalked. She is terrified by the idea of a stalker, until she decides to put an end to it.

Divya is a 26 year old independent girl who lives in Mumbai with her younger sister, Ahaana. Having lost their parents, Divya looks after Ahaana and they stay together while Divya manages her father’s bakery business. She is also learning kick boxing from her trainer, Raghav. Soon, Divya starts feeling that someone is stalking her; she gets roses outside her house on her birthday followed by blank calls. She even feels that someone is watching her constantly. Divya gets petrified by the thought of her stalker being around her all the time and realizes that he knows her whereabouts through social networking sites. One day after a party, Divya feels as if her stalker is in her house. Scared, she calls Raghav for help. And this is when she realizes that her stalker is none other than her trainer, Raghav himself. He threatens her to stay silent and eventually abducts Ahaana.

Divya then decides to fight back, and takes help of her friends to catch Raghav. She uses the same defense techniques that he had once taught her.This seems like the last straw for Divya. She makes up her mind to not stay silent anymore and to fight back. Will Divya be able to get her sister back safely? Does she manage to teach Raghav a lesson?

To find out, tune into Halla Bol, this Friday, 4thApril, 2014 at 7 pm on bindass

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