Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bas yehi GUZAARISH hai: Do watch this film!

Its Magic, Its Magic..... Hrithik sang and danced to a magical glory in Koi.. Mil Gaya, a few years ago. And today in Guzaarish, he plays the Magician who mesmerizes us (the audience) with his wonderful, award winning performance as a quadriplegic patient, who at the very first scene of the film makes this Request (Guzaarish) that he seeks euthanasia (which is asking for mercy killing) from the law. Now, this is something very new to Indian Cinema. Rather new, it is First ever of this kind. And the Lead Hero's Request is supported by the entire limited starcast - right from his doctor, to his best friend lawyer, his magician student, to his radio listeners to his mother and his nurse!

Meet Ethan Mascranehas who just can talk as a radio jockey and dedicate songs for his program 'Radio Zindagi'. While he chats on Live Life, he himself wants to End Life. With a few mini-flashbacks here and there, that shows us his past of being a classy Magician and performing an dangerous act, looses control and ends up being a wheelchair bound, semi-paralysed patient throughout his life. Though, tragic and emotive, the film celebrates life even if it’s inches away from the devouring jaws of death.

Believe me, this is one of the most relaxed performance by Hrithik in his entire career. Relaxed because, he is only sitting in a wheel chair or lying on the Bed. And by doing so, he comes out with a very difficult act which he performs to perfection. Wow! If you thought Koi.. Mil Gaya and Krrish was one of his best, then you got to see this! If Papa Roshan could get best from him, it is Bhansali who got Hrithik one of the best that no Khans deliver either.

Ish... Speaking of Ash. After being very lively and entertaining in Bhansali's earlier HDDCS and Devdas, here she comes out with a very sensitive performance that is quiet, silent and classy! An eternal beauty she is class as Sophiya, who nurses Ethan for life-long!

The best dialogue that still registers in my mind is: "I love God, and that is why I am dying to meet him!". Such meaningful and such disturbing at the same time. While we celebrate Life, its the climax scene of the film, that makes you shed tears at the finale thanksgiving speech by Hrithik as his guests and well wishers gather to celebrate his farewell. His death!

This is a Bhansali's poetry on celluloid which deserves to be appreciated, applauded and recommended everyone to watch it! After being colorful and lively (HDDCS and Devdas), BLACK and BLUE (Oh, forgive him for 'Saawariya'), here its MAGIC that is lavish in its sets, Hritik and Ash's un-romantic yet beautiful romantic film (You need to watch it to believe it!). While the film is minus action, minus comedy and minus romance, its just plus points for Hrithik all the way! Slow in parts, but yet, the film deserves to be watched!

Sundeep Malani
Film Critic

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