Sunday, November 14, 2010

“Bidehir Khonje Rabindranath” will be the RDB of Tollywood...

Films & TV editorial team caught up with budding actor Abhinandan Dutta in Kolkata recently. For a guy who started off with modeling for an international photo shoot and that too with a theme on Mans world, is far from being shy. At the same time, he wants to master the art of acting work by playing amazing characters and work with respected people in the industry. 

Films & TV: Did you always aspire to be a model and actor?
Abhinandan: I always aspired to be an actor and used to spend my time imagining myself in screen shots. This perhaps stemmed out from the fact that my father Shri Subinay Dutta is also a director of short films and documentaries from Films Division. In a way, you can say, it reigns in my blood. However, I would say that I developed a passion for acting only after I joined theatre and took the art of acting seriously and also started watching the world classics.

Though I was always fascinated by movies and TV from a very young age and spent a lot of time trying to work out how to get on television, but didn’t want to push it hard as I wanted to do it on my own caliber. Also, thanks to my intent efforts, today, whatever I have evolved is due to my own struggle.

Films & TV: What all have you done till now?
Abhinandan: I did a couple of shoots for some international catalogues and yes, theatre also. In fact, in one of such shoots, the theme was based on Men’s World. I had no qualms doing it, though many of the models would refuse to do it in the initial phase of their career. It was just a theme and it was shot aesthetically. Moreover, there was no nudity involved.

Films & TV: In case you were offered to do nude modellling, would you do?
Abhinandan: Im not shy nor am I averse to it. However, I don’t have a hunky body like John Abraham or others. I might not do it for print shoots, but in case of a feature film, and if it’s integral to the story line, I might give it a shot.

Films & TV: From a model to an actor, how did the transition take place?
Abhinandan: It was during my modelling phase that I met Sanghamitra Chaudhuri (whom I fondly call Auntry) and expressed my desire to work with her. I had heard a lot about her style of film making and that she always works with new comers as well as seasoned artists. When it comes to selection of artists, she goes by what her story demands and is very strict when it comes to casting. In a way, you can say that if any one gets a role in her film, it’s only on the basis of what her story demands and ya, talent especially.

A shot from Bidehir Khonje Rabindranath
Films & TV: You are doing Sanghamitra Chaudhuri's “Bidehir Khonje Rabindranath”. What is your role in the film?
Abhinandan: Bidehir Khonje Rabindranath is a fun filled movie that starts getting serious as it gradually evolves. It starts with Abhishek Chatterjee coming to do a docufilm on Rabindranath Tagore and gets five of us to star in it. I, along with Anshuman Gupta, Souradeep, Arpita and Indrani are selected to do it. These five are today’s Genx kids who are hardly aware of Rabindranath Tagore. As the film progresses, due to a strange twist and turn in the events, these five guys end up doing a film the way they come to know about Rabindranath.

Films & TV: How was your experience working on this movie?
Abhinandan: To say working on the movie was awesome would be a great understatement. There was so much stuff to see and experience that if I just say it was an amazing experience won’t do any justice to it. I will however talk briefly about some of the highlights! I was cast as one of the core five roustabouts, and was thrown into one of the most eclectic and wonderful groups I’ve ever met.

From day one of our shoot to the last day, it was quite an adventure. In addition to the on-set camaraderie we all developed, it was incredible getting to watch most of the shots; whenever I wasn’t being used. I used this as a learning platform to see Abhishek da and Anshuman perform so brilliantly. I often watched the monitors to see exactly what the audiences would be seeing on the big screen and they were nothing short of gorgeous every time.

Films & TV: Tell us something about your director.
Abhinandan: To talk about Sanghamitra Aunty, she is so passionate about movies that I am indeed lucky to work with her. I don’t think I can achieve that level of passion and devotion but would always desire to do so. Besides, I also respect her devotion towards her profession. For someone like me who is starting his very first film, Sanghamitra aunty appeared to be a pretty sorted woman during his interaction. Technically too she is very sound and always knew the kind of look or the performance she wanted her characters to give to the film. Once the film is released, everyone can see her efforts that went into making the film so unique and special.

Films & TV: In case you are offered to choose your dream role?
Abhinandan: I would love to play Leonardo Dicaprio's part in Titanic. Its not only the role of a lifetime, in short, each and every take of the move was just breathtaking.

Films & TV: What are your future plans?
Abhinandan: I have never planned anything in my life. It was all unplanned and wonderful. Its fate that brought me to film industry and I feel blessed to make my debut with “Bidehir Khonje Rabindranath.” In fact, when one of my friends heard the story line, his instant reaction was “It’s going to do what Rang De Basanti did for Bollywood and the cast.” As for my future plans, I want to work with respected people in the industry and want to play amazing characters.


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