Friday, November 5, 2010

The boldest, wildest and scariest Bengali movie to hit the theatres soon…

Now horror films are a genre which Tollywood is not too comfortable handling as very few have been made and the ones which have been made are terrible. But Sanghamitra Chaudhuri is one gutsy female director who goes by her gut instincts when it comes to film making. Fully aware that a full fledged horror film has never done well in the past, yet she has gone one notch ahead and done a supernatural thriller “The Bhoot of Rose Ville” with a fresh ensemble. And she is sure that not only will the audiences love the movie, but it is sure to set a trend.

All set for a release, The Bhoot of Rose Ville is being touted to be a new age urban horror / supernatural thriller - a feat unseen / unheard of atleast in Bengali Cinema. Screaming in its videos as the boldest, wildest and scariest movie ever made in Bengal, director Sanghamitra Chaudhuri was very clear that she wanted to break the cliche which is associated with normal horror flicks.

As the Bhoot is made on the lines of horror films made in Hollywood, one might try to find a semblance of the Bhoot with that of the Hollywood supernatural thriller “Paranormal Activity” which made Hollywood sit up and take notice of it.  However, except for the budgeting factor being in common (both are low budget films) and the supernatural part, nothing is common amongst the two.

The Bhoot of Rose Ville is the story of Rose who stays at Rose Ville - a small bungalow at a sea side resort, Digha along with her father who is the Pastor of the Holy Church. Being very orthodox, he does not approve of his daughter’s relationship with a Hindu boy Samir Dutta and her plans to marry him. Rose succumbs to her father’s pressures and gets ready to marry Robin, her childhood friend, who is also an orphan. Cute young and very cheerful, Robin loved Rose right since childhood, unknown to her as he could never express his feelings. He is very happy and is on cloud nine

However, life has something else in store for him. Robin meets with a severe accident, just three days before their wedding, and dies. Unable to bear the separation and that too with Rose whom he loved very much, his soul comes and meets Rose. He gives a wedding ring to Rose and proceeds to make love. Rose later discovers that it was the soul of Robin as he is now dead. She is too scared to talk about it but eventually pours out her heart and her fears to Samir. Meanwhile her father has become a clergyman and starts living in a church.

Three months later, Rose discovers that she is expecting a child. She is shocked beyond her senses. Samir advises her to abort the baby and takes her to Kolkata and also seeks her father’s permission to marry as Robin is no longer alive. After three years Rose returns to Rose Ville to sell the house only to find a lot of unnatural activities happening there.

A well made horror genre film, The Bhoot of Rose Ville is made under the banner of Tri Colour Entertainment Production and stars Arpita Mukherjee in the character of Rose while newcomers Drronn Mukherjee and Souradeep Ghosh will be seen as Samir and Robin.

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  1. Now this bhoot really needs to be seen...
    Especially to see how the bhoot seduces the audiences...