Saturday, November 6, 2010

Keep your minds FREE and go watch GOLMAAL THREE :)

The song in the film goes thus: Go go go golmaal, go go go golmaal. But I would rather say this Go Go Go GOA-lmaal, Go Go Go GOAL-maal! Go Go Go Go GOLMAAL... GOAL MAAL is back again! And again with almost the same star cast from the earlier two versions with add ons in GOA (the favorite shoot spot for Shetty) and he hits the GOAL for the third time, after having tested our brains and kept our minds happy for Action Comedy. And this time, it’s more... hence, keep your minds FREE and watch GOLMAAL (3) Three!

But Golmaal hai bhai sab Golmaal hai... This film is inspired by the oldie KHATTA MEETHA which was actually inspired by Yours, Mine and Ours - a 1968 Hollywood film - both comedies that was about Two Elderly Couple becoming One and their grown up kids who cant stand each other have to adjust under one roof! What a spoof!

This spoof of old Hindi films, full of camera pans and quick zooms, will nostalgically tickle the funny bone that comprises of a Disco Dancer (Mithun) who is in love with Mrs. Sarabhai (Pathak) and they have their grown up Angry Devgan, Muted Tusshar, Stammering Talpade, Tapori Warsi and Lolly Khemu! And with these 5 Boys, we have a Tomboy Kapoor who has a Face'bow'k with her (I mean a puppy that is called Facebook). But the person who is the main USP is Johny Lever in his Ghajini avatar who has short term memory loss. All this well packaged by Shetty for his third instalment and colorful eyes of Dudley (cameraman)!

Its the climax a la Priyadarshan style, wherein the entire starcast assemble for a LOLLEST finale! Go - watch Golmaal and enjoy the festival with laughter and full time pass entertainment!

Sundeep Malani, Film Critic

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