Friday, November 12, 2010

"A FLAT"tering Performance!

It’s so fresh to see Sanjay and Jimmy back on screen together after their two well made - well performed musical hit films DIL VIL PYAR VYAR and BAS EK PAL. The third time together in fact is for a horror film, nevertheless, the film falls FLAT but the duo delivers A FLATtering Performance, and that matters the most when you watch them on screen!

Now that the verdict is out right in the beginning of the review, here goes the Post Mortem Report of the film. Jimmy lands from the States to Mumbai and lots of tragic incidents takes place in his FLAT. His dad is found dead, his girlfriend goes missing and he himself gets trapped. It’s all because of a past that happened in his absence. His friend Sanjay, a married man had resided in the FLAT a while ago and had played hanky panky with a village belle. And then when the village girl is pregnant, Sanjay plans to abort the kid. What happens next is solved with the mystery from a diary!

Technically, the film is brilliant. The film shot in an apartment (with reference as A FLAT) reminds you of director Ram Gopal Varma’s excellent Bhoot, which was horrifying and haunting too. May be that inspired the producer Raaj Varma to invest in this venture, which unfortunately does not keep you glued to the seats. It’s a thriller for sure, but the horror aspect is not scary. The Performances of the two heroes as mentioned above are excellent. The same cant be said about the leading ladies. And before I mention their names, they are all newbie’s you haven’t heard much about them. Definitely it’s their break, but doubtful if they would be nominated for the Newcomer of the year! Bappa's music is pleasing and has got his Pappa's stamp in a melody number. Well, there are just a few Positive aspects that can be praise worthy; besides that - it’s the screenplay and the direction that falls FLAT.

Overall, the film is watchable once and that is A FLAT review..

Sundeep Malani, Film Critic

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