Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I believe in making what I call “Budget Cinema” says Sanghamitra Chaudhari

Films & TV editorial team caught up with director Sanghamitra Chaudhari in Mumbai today as she came down for talks with some senior bollywood actors for her First Hindi Film. She poured out her heart speaking on her style of film making and her future projects as well. For a female who started her career as a journalist to directing Jackie Shroff in a Bengali movie, Sanghamitra has indeed come a long way. However, people who know her right since her journalistic days can still vouch for the fact that she is the same Sanghamitra who hasnt changed even a wee bit. A short tete-a-tete with this film maker..

Can you elaborate on your work profile and the movies you have done till now?
I always harboured the desire to establish myself as a niche Director - to go beyond the art of simple story telling aided by a strong script and suitably supported by smart and arty audio-visual craft that could drive both the class and mass viewers to the theatres. I became a full fledged film maker with my debut film that released in March 2007 - Raat Porir Rupkatha that had Jackie Shroff in the lead. I later went on to direct Chakra, Jeeban Rang Berang, Premer Phande Kakatua, Rahasya, Jeena.. the endless love and now The Bhoot of Rose Ville which is scheduled to release. Two of my films “RUU” & “Bidehir Khonje Rabindranath” are under production now and are fast moving towards completion. Ranging from fantasy to reality, I believe in making what I call “Budget Cinema”, and want to stick to the essentials without compromising on the treatment of the subject. 
Your new film “The Bhoot of Rose Ville” is all set for release. Do you think the Bengali audience will accept a new wave film?
I feel the taste of our Bengal Audience is fast changing. The old Cliché ‘round the tree romance’ has become out of date. The GenX film goers love to watch Bengali Movies with an international look. We cannot afford to make a Titanic or Avatar, but we can opt for something experimental and closer to our skin that any young blood will cherish.

The horror genre, though not touched much always did brisk business. Even RGV’s “Bhoot” brought audiences to the theatres
Ghosts and spirits are ’beings’ that are borne and brought up in our mind. It is a subject that every individual all over the world is curious about. Ghosts are beings that can do any thing and everything illogically. So this is a vast subject universally accepted yet not well utilized through our Film media in Bengal in recent years.  

Going by the synopsis, it seems, the film is loosely inspired by Paranormal Activities.
Yes, Paranormal Activity is one of the most Fascinating films I have seen recently. But it is a film not for Bengal Audience. It is more like a Docu-drama whereas Rose Ville is more Cinematic; though we have not used any song, Back ground score or Film make-up in this film. The Bhoot of Rose Ville is definitely been inspired by three films ‘The Unborn’, The Blair Witch Project’ and most importantly ‘Paranormal Activity’.

You have roped in new comers in this movie. And your female lead has done a bold scene. Will the Bengali audiences accept it?
Almost all are new comers. Purposely we have done it.  The film has a fresh look and it looks real. We did workshop for 15 days. There are bold scenes. Such scenes are first time in Bengal. But the scenes are so justified that the Censor Board did not ask for a single cut for the theatres. The scenes look original and sensuous. No space for Vulgarity in the film. The Bengal audience are matured now. I trust they will be able to handle it.

Right now, you are working on “Bidehir Khonje Rabindranath”. What is it all about?
It’s about a group of young boys and girls who join a researcher on a trip to Bolpur just for the sake of fun and gets involved in the subject.

What new plans on the anvil? Planning to do a Hindi film, as my knowledge goes.
Yes. My next plan is a Hindi Film, again about three young boys who meet after three years from leaving college and find how their lives have drastically changed……….

Any dream project you would like to work on?
Yes, A Hindi film titled “In Search of Saraswati”….. A dark film on the aftermath of Dance Bar Closure in Mumbai.

We wish you all the best for your projects....

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