Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Audition for "Black Rose" - A short film for Film Festival..

A short filmmaker from Delhi, Akash Maithal is doing a short film on a thought provoking subject, majorly targetted at Film Festivals. And for which he is looking for actors who can act voluntarily for the project. If anyone is interested in playing a lead, Contact Akash Maithal on 0-85279 82222 for audition details..

Character requirements for the short film include 2 males in their mid 20s of which one is a guy with a normal / athletic built and the other character  is  a bit over weight. This is also a chance for those of you who are a bit obese and yet keen to get into the field of acting. Also needed a girl in her mid 20s.

So, here's your chance..  Auditions and shoot will be conducted in New Delhi... Try your luck...

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