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One has to have an immense Love for music to be a music director, says Tattu...

Films & TV World recently sat down with new Music Director Somnath Roy aka Tattu who has gone into a fresh stratosphere after the success of the short film “Poor Scum” by Lokiish Todi that was the winning entry at Gorbatschow Pure Shots contest. Tattu who created the music for Poor Scum is looking to scale new heights with his upcoming projects, his growing up as a youngster in the industry, what kind of music he wants on his new album and what success means to him.

Films & TV World: What made you choose this career as a Music director?
Tattu: From my very childhood, I was very fond of listening to music. Creating a song or background music for a certain situation always fascinated me. By the time, when I was in 7th standard, I had already started to compose my own music. Infact the song ‘Chandni Raat’ (album - Gulzaar) was composed in 9th standard in our chemistry lab. After giving my board exams, I decided to take up music as my career. I believer there is some extreme or divine power that made me choose this career.. And frankly speaking, I love my job.

Films & TV World: What does it take for someone to be a music director? What do you love about being in this music direction filed?
Tattu: First and foremost one has to have an immense Love for music to be a music director. His world only revolves around music - in good or bad times and in even happier or sad times. Also, it is of immense importance that a music director should have a good visualization capacity. He should have the power to create music or song on any situation as it’s all about expressing you through music. Well, I love composing music. And being a music director is my prime work. I am thankful to god that my passion is my profession too. My friends say that my better half is my music (laughs).

Films & TV World: How did your first offer to score music come up?
Tattu: I  got  my  first  break  in  2003, in Calcutta  I  do  even  remember  the  date.  It was 8th August 
2003. It was a couple of jingles for a music company.

Films & TV World: How did the music of "Poor Scum" evolve?
Tattu: Well, Lokiish Todi (the director of the film ‘Poor Scum’) came to me in October 2010, regarding one of his films, but we couldn’t work together, as I already had some prior commitments. But we made sure, that we would work together on his next project. Around December, he was ready with his next short film. He came to me and we had a huge discussion on the music of the film. In a couple of days time, I composed the scratch and we met once more and the music and fx sounds were ready. And that’s how the music of today’s Poor Scum evolved.

Films & TV World: What were your reactions when “Poor Scum” emerged a winner?
Tattu: Frankly speaking, I was quite sure that the film would get a position, if not the winner. Actually the story was so touching and story telling was so apt, along with the music, it became a ‘must watch’ film. So, I had a feeling that this film will go places. And the moment, it was declared winner, I must say, the feeling was so wonderful and satisfying.

Films & TV World: What about your albums - Gulzaar & Endless Journey? How did happen?
Tattu: Gulzaar is my new album which got released from and It has got four songs in it and I would add few more songs in near future. It has got love songs of different genre in Hindi and Bengali. My team really worked hard with me, and the feedback, what we are getting from our listeners, is very encouraging.

Endless Love is another album, released from a German music company Fanel Records. It has three remixed lounge tracks. This much I can say, the latest sales statistics is fantastic (smiles). I was composing few tracks and was planning for a good release. At that time I came to know about Artistaloud / Hungama and Fanel records. They heard my tracks and were ready to take them. Both the albums are released digitally, as the future belongs to digital portals. It’s much easier today to reach people world-wide. So without taking the same old route of cds, I preferred these digital podiums to release my compositions.

Films & TV World: Why did you decide to take the digital route to release your music?
Tattu: Digital route is the future. I  can  even  predict  that  5  years  down  the  line, there will  be  no music  store, no  cds,  no  cassettes. It will all be a thing of the passé, just like what happened to our video recorders and parlours.  Music will come to us, only in digital format. So I decided to walk towards the future. This  is  the  most  convenient  way  of  releasing  the  music,  where  you  can  reach  more  people , round the  globe.

Films & TV World: Can you say a few words about each of the songs you have on board
Tattu: Each of my songs have a small connectivity with real life situations. Like in “Kya Dil Mein Hain”. There’s a  small  story  behind  this  song. I  was  having  a  chat  with  a  friend  of  mine.  He said that there was this girl he’s fallen in love with. But  he  doesn’t   know  what  she  thinks  about  him  or  what’s  going  on, in  her  mind. This thought inspired me and I wrote “Kya Dil Mein Hain”

Speaking about Gungunaya, I can say, its basically a song of a lonely heart. It’s about a person and his feelings who is alone, with no friend, no companion, walking the path of life solely alone. It happened when I  was  watching  the film  ‘Cast  Away’  where the  hero  of  the  film  is alone  on  an  island. The  film  really  triggered  my  thoughts  and  I  composed  the  song. I tried  to  travel  through  the  feelings  of  a  lonely  heart. Chandni  Raat was  composed, when  I  was  pretty young and in school. I was in the ninth standard. This is a sad love song. I actually wrote this song, in my chemistry lab.

Jaani  Naa or “Don’t Know” is  a  romantic  song in Bengali, which I  composed  after  seeing  ‘Dil  Se’. It had really tugged my heart strings. This  song  is  about  a  person  who  has  fallen  for  a  girl  but  doesn’t  know  anything  about  her. That  curiosity about that someone special somewhere  is  a  different  feeling, where  there’s  a  touch  of  mystery  in  it.

Films & TV World: Do you compose music for lyrics or vice-versa? Or is it a mix n match of both?
Tattu: It’s a mix n match of both, actually. Sometimes melody comes first and then lyrics are written and sometimes it’s the other way round. There’s no set rule.

Films & TV World: What is the USP in your style and music? Who do you see connecting to your music?
Tattu: I love experimental music, with lots of melody.  Melody  always  attracts  people  and experimenting  with  the musical backing  along  with  the  melody  gives  a  new  dimension.  I  believe  that  freshness  is  the  USP  of  my  music. As for connecting to my style of music, I feel, everyone,  of  every  age,  will  connect  to  my  music . My  music  has  a  soothing  effect  and everyone  will  enjoy  that  velvet  touch. I would just say - Close your eyes and feel the music.     

Films & TV World: What is the relationship like between a director and a music director?
Tattu: You know, a film is an audio-visual medium. So I believe, visual is 50% and audio is 50%. Although the director deals with the total 100% as he is the captain of the ship, the music director alone deals 50% through his songs and background scores. So you can say, he is the vice-captain of the ship. Just imagine films like Titanic without background music or Taare Zameen Par without the songs. There will be no life in those films. The director is the Prime Minister and the music director is the Deputy Prime Minister (laughs). 

Films & TV World: What makes the difference between a good and a bad music director?
Tattu: I am not in a position to declare the difference between a bad or a good music director. I compose my own music and when listeners say good things about my compositions, I feel happy. That’s it.

Films & TV World: What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started as a music director?
Tattu: Two things I would say. First is Business and second is how to deal with different types of people. Both are very important. 

Films & TV World: Which is the first song you scored music for and which is your favorite song in your composition till to date?
Tattu: Frankly speaking I don’t remember the first song that I composed. But yes, my first independent project was to compose two jingles of 10 seconds each for a music company. All my compositions are my babies. All are my favorites. I would like my listeners to say which one is their favorite.

Films & TV World: If not a Music Composer what else you would have been?
Tattu: I would have been a sportsman. I was a good athlete, a good cricketer.  I  have  played  for  my  school, college  and  even  for   2nd  division  clubs. I  was  a  medium-pace  bowler  and  have  a  record  of  taking  seven  wickets  in  a  match , in  school  cricket.

Uploaded here is a video of Tattu's album..

Films & TV World: Your Favorites:
Tattu: Among singers, its Hemant Kumar, Mannna  Dey, Kishore Kumar, Lata  Mangeshkar, Asha  Bhonsle and Geeta Dutt. Among Musicians, its R.D.  Burman, A.R. Rehman, James Horner, and Zakir  Hussain. My most favourite song is ‘Waqt  Ne  Kiya  Kya  Hasin  Sitam’… It has a touch of eleganace as well as the ethos and pathos have come out so beautifully. Everything in the song is a masterpiece - right from the lyrics to the music to the way the song was rendered. And the picturisation is the best.

Films & TV World: Your strengths and your weakness?
Tattu: My Patience is my strength.  And my weakness?  I think I’m very classy.  That’s my weakness.

Films & TV World: You Idolize, whom and why?
Tattu: R.D. Burman and Music genius A R Rehman saab.  I  believe  R.D. Burman  is  the  king  of  melody  and Rehman  is  the  king  of  music  arrangement (orchestration / musical   backing). I have learnt a lot from their music.
Films & TV World: Your most prized possession?
Tattu: A  photo  with  Hemant  Kumar, taken  just  2  months  before  his  death.  I  was  only  eight  years  old.

Films & TV World: Your Favorite Quote?
Tattu: If  music  be  the  food  of  love  then  play  on  and  on  and  on – William  Shakespeare

Films & TV World: Any social cause close to your heart?
Tattu: Poverty.  That’s the root casue of all problems.

Films & TV World: Your message to budding music composers?
Tattu: Believe  in  God,  because  that’s  the  only way  you  can  Believe in Yourself.  Set  a  Goal first  and  later have  only  One Obsession in  your  life - To  reach  your  goal. Work hard towards striving for that goal, have patience and success is sure to come to you.

Films & TV World: When do you think you will come full circle in the field of music?
Tattu: Hhmmm (sighs). May be the day when I will get an Oscar or a Grammy (smiles)...


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