Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ughad daar deva aata, Ughad daar devaa... Jagdish Khebudkar passes away

Ask any Maharastrian about the song “Hirva Shaalu, Hirvi Choli….. Laz Lazun mee gori murjhalay ga gori murjhalay” from V Shantaram’s “Pinjara” and only 2 names come to mind – one is Sandhya the actress and the other is veteran lyricist and poet Jagdish Khebudkar. Popularly known as Nana, Jagdish Khebudkar silently passed away in Kolhapur following a kidney ailment. Known for versatility to write all forms of songs – folk music like lavani, powade, religious and romantic songs, Khebudkar wrote more than 2,500 songs for over 300 films in a career spanning five long decades. His songs for films such as Pinjara, Sadhi Mansa, Chandra Hota Sakshila still remain popular. Of late, he penned a lavani for an under-production film.

Carrying the legacy of Ga Di Madgulkar capably, Khebudkar wrote different types of lavanis, though he never for once ever went for lavani performance. One of his most famous lavani in Marathi cinema which is still hugely popular is “Disala ga bai disala…. Mala baghun gaalat hasla ga bai haslaa”. Not only he consistently wrote all kinds of songs for films, but also wrote stories and plays. One of his evergreen spiritual songs include “Dehachi Tijori…. Ughad daar deva aata, Ughad daar deva aata” No wonder he must have been singing this while he made his last journey. We pray for his departed soul.

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