Monday, July 11, 2011

Astonishing experiments, investigating myths, action-packed exploration - all on Galileo eXtreme

Can a cell phone cause a gas station to explode? How would a waterbed handle the monumental weight of an elephant? Is it possible that a swimming team to actually tow a ship? Is the force generated by 2500 fireworks-class rockets enough to propel a man into the air? Galileo eXtreme, the new show coming up on BIG CBS PRIME, seeks to determine the answers to these uncommon questions.

BIG CBS Prime, the first of the premium English Channels from Reliance Broadcast BIG CBS Networks Pvt. Ltd., an equal joint venture between Reliance Broadcast Network Limited and CBS Studios International, once again brings the best of international shows to the Indian audiences straight from their library of engaging, innovative & revolutionary content.

Galileo eXtreme is an action-packed exploration of science that presents astonishing experiments enhanced by fascinating imagery and exceptional graphics. By virtue of its high quality production standards, the show promises to be an explosive cocktail of entertainment – transforming education into a breathtaking experience.

The show seeks to determine the answers to uncommon questions, investigating everyday myths and frequent misconceptions - regardless of how dangerous the specific experiment might be. The bigger the challenge, the better - the courageous Galileo testers know absolutely no limits...

Beyond the spectacular images, the themes Galileo eXtreme tackles are highly relevant in today’s world. In each of the episodes, one special topic receives in-depth treatment, giving viewers a thoroughly comprehensive understanding of the subject. Apart from delving into endless variety of scientific themes, there is also the documenting of unusual & entertaining record-breaking attempts- such as the largest snowman ever built, or the highest tower of coins ever etched…

So here is a whole new & exciting world of astonishing experiments from Galileo eXtreme, starting Friday July 8, at 9.00 pm only on BIG CBS PRIME.

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