Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tweets after the Mumbai blasts: All filled with hatred condemning the act...

Mumbai serial blasts: Who said what and what we at F&TV want to convey to them and our readers alike...

Arjun Rampal: Mumbai attacked once again by cowards? Can't understand, if New York and London can make sure it doesn't happen again then why can't we?
F&TV: Arjun, what US and UK lack is our so deeply committed politicians who are just caught napping each time.

Anupam Kher: I don't ask you to hang Ajmal Kasab. I just request Govt of India to protect us in same way as you have protected him. O:)
F&TV: Right Sir, even we agree with you. 

Javed Akhtar: The death toll has reached 21. What kind of animals commits such heinous acts?
F&TV: Its time Akhtar saab that you write sum hard hitting stuff on such acts - not only condemning terrorism but also our politicians doings.

Pritish Nandy:
Stay calm, says the State. Stay calm, says the police. Stay calm, says the media. Where will all this calm get us? Time to stop making a fetish out of Mumbai's resilience. Lets show some anger too.
F&TV: Yep Mr. Nandy. It’s high time we need to get onto the streets and demand our rights instead of doing candle marches for lesser mortals for justice.

Bipasha Basu: In d garb of resilience v keep forgetting incidents like this again n again! It’s sad as no one is ever punished! Loss of life has become a joke! We keep condemning acts of terrorism and that's where the story ends every time and repeats again! It’s a shame!
F&TV: We are never gonna learn Bipasha. “Call it the Mumbaikar spirit,” say our politicians and we meekly feel glorified.

Shreya Ghoshal: So much is being said. But how much is done?
F&TV: Time to ask those in power…

Lara Dutta Bhupathi:
Sad to see this city goes through this again and again!! Also sad to see that people have resigned themselves to dealing with this!
F&TV: It’s a shame that it makes no difference and we carry on our lives in the next 24 hours with equal ease.

Atul Kasbekar (Celebrity Photographer): Let's stop turning the other cheek each time someone slaps us. Whack someone back! Hard! Our restraint is not our weakness! Enough is Enough!! And can we pl be spared d 'spirit n resilience of Mumbai' crap this time around?
F&TV: Right said Mr. Kasbekar. Need to shred off this Gandhian philosophy of giving the other cheek each time.. Not done..

Rahul Bose: Slowly TV channels ramp up the hysteria. Journos on the ground are encouraged to air angry voices. Will we never learn?
F&TV: TRP matters… How much does a life cost? Only 2 Lakhs? And we shower 50 times more to our cricketers who either way make crores of rupees of money through brandings...

Uday Chopra:
Just heard the news... Are we going to just get used to this!!! I pray for Mumbai..
F&TV: We are already used to it..

MTV India: 1993, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2008 & 2011: The frequency of Mumbai’s terror attacks is directly proportional to the government’s incompetence.
F&TV: Good statistics.

Rajeev Masand
(Film Critic): So hard to sit here and talk comedy with Aziz Ansari in a far-away part of the world, when the mind and heart is in Mumbai, deeply saddened.
F&TV: We can understand your predicament, Rajeev.

Madhur Bhandarkar: Resilience of Mumbai again put to test b'coz of d blasts. Heart aches for the victims. Condemn such cowardly acts of terror.
F&TV: Agree..

(Cricketer): Very sorry to hear about further terror attacks in Mumbai. My thoughts are with you!!! Let’s all pray..
F&TV: Pray for what? That god gives us the courage to withstand another attack and we go on with our lives waiting for the next?

And as the entire world keep condemning such ghastly and dastardly acts, our dearest Sharad Pawar and Uddhav Thackereay engage in war of words over Indo-Pak Test matches, tweeted TOI at the same time.

When will we learn? SILENCE IS ACCEPTANCE!! NO MORE...

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