Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Watch the trailer of Salman Khan starrer "Bodyguard"..

Salman Khan will be celebrating Eid with his latest film Bodyguard (also starring Kareena Kapoor) on August 31.  The trailer of the movie was released online on Thursday in an innovative marketing gimmick by Salman’s real-life bodyguard of 15 years Shera.  

A very humbled and emotional Shera confessed that it was the biggest honor Salman had given him to unveil the film’s trailer. “For the past 15 years I have been telling bhai (Salman) that I would take a bullet for him. But the truth is that Salman can do anything for his loved ones. He is the real life bodyguard”

Talking about Shera, Salman stated “I can trust him completely. I can trust him with my money, women, family, life, before having alcohol and after having alcohol. He is completely trustworthy”, eventually joking that he hoped Shera never penned a book on him.

The movie directed by Siddique is a remake of the original in Malayalam with the same title and in Tamil as Kaavalan and were box office super hits.  Similarly keeping the tradition of Eid festival releases intact since the past two years with Wanted in 2009 and Dabangg in 2010, Bodyguard will also hit the theatres for Eid on August 31. And going by the promos, this will be a sure shot winner and a hat trick for salman releases on Eid, though the earlier two films by the lead pair Salman and Kareena were flops.  So what, they are sure to be third time lucky..

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