Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tom Hanks Crashes David Letterman's interview with Julia Roberts

Pretty Woman Julia Roberts is all smiles as she appears on The Late Show with David Letterman. Walking on the stage and mesmerizing the audience, Roberts walked in a yellow and black dress. The 43-year-old actress is currently promoting her new film Larry Crowne, which hit the theaters last week. Julia’s smile grew prettier and better as she was very warmly greeted by the host of the show David Letterman.

David couldn’t stop praising the beautiful actress and he was in complete awe of Julia’s fragrance. Letterman couldn’t help asking her if she was wearing the same fragrance. “Consistency”, was the reply David got from Roberts. Letterman peppers Roberts with annoying questions about her kids just when Julia asked David about his son. David pointed out in the audience and his son waved to Roberts. “He is probably wearing the glasses you wore the first time I was on the show”, teased Julia. Changing the topic, he also asks her about her experience of meeting the dynamic Hillary Clinton. Roberts said, when she interviewed Hillary, Roberts was completely hypnotized by her.

What’s a show without surprises? And for a charming actress like Julia, the surprise has to be equally charming. David surprises Roberts with an unexpected visit from her pal and movie co-star, Tom Hanks. The studio audience looks amazed and delighted to see Forrest Gump and Pretty Woman appear together in the flesh. The segment becomes one of the most memorable TV moments in recent times. Letterman starts playing rapid fire round with the mesmerizing actress asking her how well she knows Tom Hanks.

Stay tuned to watch Tom Hanks & David Letterman teasing Julia Roberts on Late Show with David Letterman only on Thursday, July 14, at 11.30 pm only on BIG CBS PRIME.

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