Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sisters turn foes over boyfriend on Jerry Springer Show

It is said that having a sister is like having a best friend. But on the upcoming episode of the sensational Jerry Springer show on BIG CBS SPARK, it turns out to be the opposite where Kayla breaks the trust Brooke. Nick confesses to Brooke that he has slept with Kayla. Brooke who is six months pregnant with Nick’s child was shocked and devastated on hearing this.

Nick repents what happened and wants to go back to Brooke whereas Kayla, Brooke’s sister has no regrets and did this with an intention to hurt her. She always felt her sister has been the centre of attraction and grabbed the attention of all the guys she always liked. In a fit of rage to take revenge she seduced Brooke’s boyfriend and had sex with him.

Will the six months pregnant Brook forgive her boyfriend and accept him back? Does Nick love Kayla or it was just one night stand? To know more, watch Jerry Springer Show today (Thursday, 28.07.2011) only on BIG CBS SPARK at 11 PM.

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