Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dr Samir Mansuri fulfills dream of 55 blind girls through NGO Blind Dream

Blind by birth, Dr Samir Mansuri is Masters in English Literature and has trained in Ayurved / Nature Therapy under the guidance of Shamsuddin Saheb.

Dr Samir Mansuri brought 55 Blind girls from Ahmadabad to fulfill their dream of flying, meeting Varun Dhawan, Asit Kumarr Modi, Shyam Pathak (Popatlal), Guru Charan Sigh (Sodhi), Reshmi Ghosh, Meghna Naidu, Tara Alisha Beri, Shraddha Mohsani and many other celebrities and then going to Essel World. Says he, “I understand the need to fulfill their dreams. So what if they are blind? They also have feeling and they too dream. Blind Dreams has always been my own dream and since beginning I have been keeping fifty percent of my income to build corpus funds of this organization.  Under the aegis of this NGO, I have taken a promise to fulfill the dreams of blind girls and boys. And I will continue doing it.”

A Philanthropist and humanitarian at heart, he is at the helm of an NGO ‘BLIND DREAMS’. He has already held few activity programmes for blind girls and boys in Ahmadabad like Music Competition, fashion shows etc to realize their dreams.

Arriving in Mumbai on 25th April 2016 by flight, they were part of a press conference at ISKON and all are put up at accommodation in temple premises in Juhu. As a goodwill gesture, ISKON is charging a very nominal fee for the entire activity. On 26th all the girls and their care takers will be taken to Essel World to fulfill their second wish.  Dr Samir Mansuri’s motto is “To bring moments of joy, bliss and color in the otherwise bland and colorless lives of blind people. To give them sense of self respect and self reliance. Many people are there to support their education and food etc but they too have dreams. I am trying to realize their dreams. ”

Dr Samir Practices Ayurved/ Nature Therapy for external application of removal of wrinkles, skin fatigue, acne, dark circles etc with his own herbal special face packs and herbal oils. Fifty percent of income from his vocation is given to his pet humanitarian project ‘Blind Dreams’.

He has rejuvenated and done skin enhancement for celebrities like Subhash Ghai, Ashmit Patel, Kumar Gaurav, Reshmi Ghosh, Anokhi Srivastav, Gunjan, Tanvi, Rucha Gujarati and many other elite from film and corporate sector.

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