Thursday, April 21, 2016

Indulgent Chocolate Facials – Fad or Fact

In the past few years, there has suddenly been a burst in the number of discussions around chocolate. There are those who will say that eating a piece of chocolate each day, is great for health and then there are those who are more in favour of applying it to their face and body. Several salons and cosmetic clinics are now offering chocolate body wraps and chocolate facials.

However, there are always those sceptical few, who will constantly ask whether a chocolate facial will have the benefits it really claims to offer. Today, chocolate is being used in the form of creams, scrubs and face masks, but it would not be wise to start using them immediately, simply because your favourite celebrity is doing the same.

Let’s take a look at the most obvious and proven benefits of a chocolate facial:
  • Overall, chocolate is known to improve the complexion of the skin and keep it healthy and glowing.
  • If you have a bad tan, a chocolate facial can help take care of it, because chocolate is known to have de-tanning properties.
  • Chocolate is naturally high in antioxidants, which is why it will keep your skin looking healthier and younger.
  • Chocolate is also known to have anti-ageing properties, and a chocolate facial will help remove the fine lines and delay the appearances of wrinkles.
  • Studies have shown that chocolate can increase the production of collagen, which means that your skin will continue to feel bouncy and supple for a longer time.
  • Regular chocolate facials will help lighten the blemishes that you might have and also help tackle marks that might have been left behind by acne.
  • Chocolate has natural hydration properties and by getting a chocolate facial, your skin will get the hydration that it requires, keeping your skin healthy from within.
  • Perhaps the biggest advantage of a chocolate facial is the fact that it suits all skin types, which means that anyone can indulge in a chocolate facial. Actually, it is a great way to destress after a long week and just pamper the face, body and mind!  
You can actually do a chocolate facial for yourself, because it is pretty simple – cleanse your face with raw milk and turmeric or rosewater and gram flour. Create a scrub by grinding together brown sugar and coffee beans and apply this to your face, leaving it for 10 minutes. After the scrub, use a store bought chocolate paste as a massage cream and then clean your face with water. Finish with a chocolate pack, which can be washed off, once dry.

A special feature by Dr. Aman Dua, Dermatologist, CO- Founder, AK Clinics, Ludhiana.

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