Monday, April 11, 2016

‘Ka’ Arjun Kapoor Becomes Female Favorite as Perfect Husband

Arjun Kapoor surprised many with his unusual choice of a stay at home husband in ‘Ki & Ka’. Picking a bold role, his also broke convention which won him a female fan following. Like his co star Kareena reiterated, Arjun should be applauded for picking this part.

Now that ‘Ki & Ka’ has garnered huge popularity with audiences, raking in over 25 crores in its first weekend, Arjun Kapoor’s stay at home, supportive husband role has ensured that his popularity with women has soared.

Not only did girls propose marriage to him on Twitter during the film’s promotions, after its release, they have become ardent fans of this rugged but gentle star. That Arjun professes his love for his mother and his affections for his sister also makes him easy to relate to. Unlike most male actors, he doesn’t wear machismo on his sleeve. His easy going manner and casual persona has its own natural charm.

With ‘Ki & Ka’ going strong with audiences, Arjun Kapoor personifies the perfect ladies man for scores of female fans. His choice of playing house husband has clearly paid off!

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