Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Digital creator Rhiddhiraj Palit imagines ‘Barbieheimer’ with Bengali cine legends

The AI world is really getting interesting as Artificial Intelligence generated art is taking the internet by storm these days. With the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in this technology-driven era, designers are making full use of AI to exhibit their talent and create images of superstars of Indian cinema. After the AI generated images of Sushant Singh Rajput went viral, a digital creator from Kolkata reimagined ‘Barbieheimer’ with Bengali cine legends utilising a blend of 'face swap on the original picture' AI technology & Adobe Photoshop.

Opening a realm of possibilities for contemporary digital creators and pushing the boundaries of creativity, the digital creator who goes by the name of Rhiddhiraj Palit (Instagram: @rhiddhiraj_) imagined three icons of Bengali cinema - Suchitra Sen, Uttam Kumar, Soumitra Chattopadhyay as 'Barbie', 'Ken', and 'Oppenheimer'. While Suchitra Sen represented 'Barbie', Uttam Kumar got a makeover of Ken and Soumitra Chattopadhyay in J. Robert Oppenheimer avatar. It was but natural that these snaps went viral too drawing mixed reactions from the netizens.  It needs to be seen what follows next.

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