Saturday, August 5, 2023

Ricky Kej makes a big announcement on his birthday today

On the occasion of his 41st birthday today, three-times Grammy Award-winner as well as three-times Grammy nominated Indian music composer and environmentalist, Ricky Kej made a big announcement. He has been working on a top-secret project for the past year which he has finally revealed. He is thrilled to finally announce that the top-secret project that he was involved with Stewart Copeland is their new album 'Police - Beyond Borders'. 

Speaking about his collaboration with Stewart Copeland, Ricky Kej says, “It is a huge honour to collaborate with Stewart Copeland yet again. These are songs that I have grown up listening to and songs that have shaped my career. I have paid a lot of respect to their legacy and I can't wait to share this album with you later this month!”

The new album 'Police - Beyond Borders' features our very own version of some of the most iconic songs of the legendary band 'The Police' of which Stewart is the Founder/Drummer. Ricky adds, “We've collaborated with amazing Orchestras, Singers, Choirs, Instrumentalists, and Ensembles from around the world to recreate the magic of these timeless classics in global languages such as Hindi, Zulu, Mandarin, Kannada, Armenian, Pashto, Urdu, and so on in a large epic format.”

Almost three decades later when you get to hunt down a member of The Police, it feels nothing short of surreal. If you are a youth of the 1980s with an ear for rock and reggae, you couldn’t have not hummed ‘Roxanne’, the 1978 hit of the seminal band. The Police’s ‘Walking on the Moon’, ‘Don’t stand so close to me’ and ‘Every breath you take’ managed to nab die-hard fans. Vocalist Sting, drummer Stewart Copeland and guitarist Andy Summers moved from one popular album to another till the band split in 1984. It spurred Stewart to return to his classical roots. His concert works include BEN-HUR, A Tale of the Christ, Poltroons in Paradise, and Gamelan D’Drum.

Ricky also shared a personal message from Stewart Copeland, that reads: “It was Ricky Kej who suggested that we make an album out of 'The Police' derangements and it was a lightbulb moment! The idea of hearing these songs in global languages was immediately inspiring and Ricky set about finding the magnificent talents on this record. The music that Sting, Andy, and I created with 'The Police' essentially derives from Black Culture and it was particularly spine-tingling to hear that culture arriving back in Africa with 'Every Breath You Take' sung in Zulu!”

“The flavours of all these amazing languages on 'Police - Beyond Borders' light up these tunes that are so familiar. 'The Police' was always a global band and Sting wrote songs about the bigger picture of humanity. Music brings us together and my humble hope is that this record can contribute to that special human bonding experience that we need now more than ever,” Stewart concluded.

We at Films & TV World wish Ricky Kej a very Happy Birthday!!

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