Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lavish Sehgal and Rinku Pahel - The Handsome Hunks of February 2015

What does Films & TV World - An online magazine for the films and television industry have to do with handsome hunks? Aside from the pursuit of excellence and being celebrated about, these handsome hunks are featured in their gorgeous calendar 2015. And this is all set to becoming one of the most prestigious credits a model can attain. Choosing the best models in their artistic element amongst many was quite a hard task to the creators. And with the best photographed models with the most highly acclaimed photographers, Films & TV World has created an exclusive product that was specially delivered to production houses as a corporate gift.

This month which is also supposed to be the heart month or the month to bring in a valentine, we bring to you two handsome hunks - Lavish Sehgal and Rinku Pahel who we are sure will steal your hearts away. Both hailing from the Capital City of Delhi are already a rising star in the modeling world, and are soon on way to becoming a household name in the fashion and glamour world. And we suggest you check the other models in waiting too as every month unfolds. Enjoy!

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