Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mahesh Bhatt: We are not promoting free sex and women being emancipated in Khamoshiyan

The intellectual filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt came to promote his upcoming movie Khamoshiyan at office along with actors Gurmeet Choudhary, Sapna Pabbi and Ali Fazal.

Speaking about his movie, Mahesh Bhatt said, "Khamoshiyan has flowered from Vikram Bhatt's heart. It's his brainchild. And then I gave the haversack to Ali and said ‘Ah! This guy looks like the guy of today.' Neither I nor Vikram had thought of him to portray his part."

Talking about the change in portrayal of women on celluloid, he said, "During my times, women lived in a patriarchal society. Today, even though women have come out, there's a cry for gender equality."

Speaking about the change in culture through his films, he exclaimed, "There actually is a traditional pull as well as western pull. So it's a very interesting curve I would say. Not many parts of the west have been able to stretch out what their traditional pull is. So because of that, movies have layers."

Khamoshiyan is Mahesh Bhatt's yet another erotic thriller. So when Mahesh Bhatt was asked about boldness in the movies, he said, "Directors' view of sexuality is changing with time. After Murder was made, 10 years down the line extra-marital/ pre-marital sex wasn't such a big thing. Multi-partner relationship too isn't something that is raised eyebrows on."

Mahesh Bhatt is also one of the filmmakers who keeps pace with time. Agreeing on the viewpoint, he said, "I think India has changed in the last 10 years more than the 3000 years. When we directors don't keep pace with time, that's when the movies don't work. So we have to take references from foreign films."

Describing about the female portrayal in the upcoming release Khamoshiyan, Bhatt expressed, " Khamoshiyan deals with a woman who is talking about female sexual desire, and you can't talk about equality if you keep female in sexual solitude. And by that we are not promoting free sex and of women being emancipated. We are not saying that at all. And that is what the basic plot of Khamoshiyan is."

Directed by debutant Karan Darra, produced by Vishesh Films and presented by Fox Star Studios, Khamoshiyan is scheduled to release on January 30, 2015.

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