Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Miss Duniya 2015, a pageant that Empowers Women!

Miss Duniya is a global beauty pageant which will make its debut in December of 2015 in the Entertainment Capital of the Duniya Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The pageant is futuristic, and seeks to "Empower Women" from all walks of life. Miss Duniya Beauty Pageant 2015 is a presentation of Miss Duniya Corp Enterprises, Inc. "Duniya" is a word used in 130 different languages referring to "the whole earth and everything in it."

The Pageant seeks to offer a platform for all women "in the Duniya" to truly empower themselves. The Miss Duniya pageant team will be personally visiting over 13 countries globally to audition contestants in over 19 different cities. The focus of the pageant will not only be on the outer beauty, but also on an all-rounded personality, leadership and advocacy for women empowerment.

The pageant will highlight and bring to light accomplishments made by women. These accomplishments will focus on education, intelligence, leadership, independence, commitment to humanity, and a desire for peace throughout the globe. The Miss Duniya team believes this is what true beauty personifies.

The registration for Miss Duniya 2015 is free and can be done from any corner of the globe. To apply for round 1 participants can log on to http://missduniya.us/apply.php .

Miss Duniya team is looking forward to see participants from India and all over the globe. The contestants will be shortlisted from round 1 and will be called for live auditions in round 2. Live Auditions will take place in Mumbai, Chandigarh and Bengaluru from 4th April to 18th April 2015. For more information participants can log on to http://missduniya.us/events.php#verticalTab2 .

Deadline for registration is 28th February 2015. 

In December of 2015, Miss Duniya Beauty Pageant, will showcase more than 100 finalists from around the globe, as the pageant crowns its first ever "Miss Duniya."

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