Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mumbai’s Priyanka Khurana Goyal crowned as Mrs India Queen of Substance

Now will head to compete in Asia-Pacific Queen of Substance title to be held in Singapore in June 2015

An epitome of grace, poise and beauty, Mrs Priyanka Khurana Goyal walked down the ramp of the 2015 Mrs India pageant for women of substance, in a red gown and a smile to match. Priyanka with her distinctive features, charming personality and poignant introduction, bested 24 contestants and won the crown of Mrs. India Queen of Substance . As a winner, Priyanka will now head to compete in the prestigious Asia-Pacific ‘Queen of Substance’ title in June 2015 in Singapore.

Priyanka is the first investment banker to win the Mrs India Queen of Substance pageant, which is organized by the Handicapped Children and Women’s Aid (HCWA). HCWA is an initiative, run by Ritika Vinay (Director) - winner of Mrs Asia Pacific Queen of Substance 2014 . Priyanka participated in this initiative as it was positioned as a social organization that promotes community services for the underprivileged and focuses on women empowerment. The pageant, which invited participation from married women, celebrates beauty, talent, intelligence and compassion with women of substance (from all walks of life and from all parts of the country) displaying theirmultiple talents. Priyanka’s vivacious personality and unique perspective not only won her the title, but also led her to be crowned ‘Mrs Popular’ by her peers. Her “Marwari bride with a Punjabi tadka” avatar gave her a standing ovation. 

Mrs. India Queen of Substance Priyanka Khurana Goyal says, “The Mrs India Queen of Substance title was a keenly fought competition with 7 rounds – interview, talent, introduction, bridal, traditional, evening gown, tennis wear and question-answer round. Winning the title gives me a voice and a platform to express my views on social issues that I strongly feel about. I want to be an inspiration to all the women in the world of banking and finance who wish to pursue their aspirations of being an all-round personality with multi-facetted interests and hobbies.”

The guest of honour for the event held on 7th February 2015 was the Ambassador of Quretia Her Excellency Ms Fousia and Minister of Nigeria High Commission Ms Queen. The two-day event, organized at the ITC WelcomHotel Dwarka was flagged off by Bollywood actor Mahima Choudhry with the talent round. The judges’ panel included celebrities from various walks of life such as designer Prachi Bhardwaj, image consultant Babita Saxena, cosmetologists & dermatologists Dr Varun Katyal and Dr Deepti Dhillon and the renowned Kathak dancer Madhura Phatak, apart from pop singers Shankar Sahani and Ssameer. Mesmerizing songs by pop singer Ssameer and singer-composer Shankar Sahani started off the event on a melodious note, followed by the participants introducing themselves and then by a bridal round enlivened by the designs of Jaipur-based fashion designer Mohit Falod. The guest list also included musician Shamsher Mehandi and Commissioner of Police Alok Verma. The main sponsors of the event, which was choreographed by well-known fashion choreographer Nittin Bedi, included the ITC Group, Café Coffee Day, Lumina and La Fiesta.

After pursuing her academics in Capital as a student in Delhi University, Priyanka went on to do her MBA from IIM Calcutta, graduating in 2006. Since then, she has enjoyed the professional sphere in which to showcase her dedication, perseverance and spirit of achievement, answering to the various challenges that have come her way with the same poise and intellect that held her in good stead in the pageant. Today, Priyanka is mother to a two-year-old son and the vice president of Nomura, one of the largest investment banks in the world and a noted firm on the Wall Street.

A big believer in the power of yoga and meditation, Priyanka not only pursues these as a means of physical fitness, but also mental strength. The introspection that both these avenues of ancient Indian teachings offer, led her towards a path to discovering the deeper meaning of life. Priyanka takes equal inspiration from her son and considers children to be great teachers of how to live life to the fullest. “You only become old when you let the child inside you die. So stay young and be happy!” she says. She also indulges in other interests such as multi-country cuisines, soap making and bread making amongst others. Priyanka’s interest in women’s empowerment and community welfare will yield positive notes in the near future.  

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