Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mumbai to host Lit o Fest, a literature carnival with a difference

Literature enthusiasts and authors, young, old and established, equally await the festival

Mumbai’s literature fest with a difference, Lit o Fest in its debut edition organised by E-Bizz Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd. will be held at Sir JJ School of Arts & Architecture, Mumbai on 28th February and 01st March, 2015. Geared up to bring more depth, thought and action for every author and literature enthusiast in India, the two day festival will be focused on offering every writer an equal opportunity and space to be seen, heard and published.

To keep up the ‘difference’ promise, there is a whole lot at Lit o Fest that the traditional literature fests leave unaddressed. From a line up of valuable sessions with recognised authors – each remarkable, witty and sensitive and packed with a noteworthy arsenal on reading, debate and discussions; undivided attention on young emerging authors including Hindi and other regional author’s work, to initiating an Authors awards to recognize emerging authors and felicitate established literary achievers, there is something for every author. Opening with a sparkling inauguration ceremony, the two day fest will unfold some spotlight sessions and workshops on Hindi language such as ‘Hindi - How Popular?’, ‘Hindi bhi hai trendy!’, ‘Aao Hindi, Sapne Dekhein’ and ‘Hansi Gulzar Hai’, a humour writing workshop in Hindi. With regional workshops on ‘Marathi / English- The Matter Matters’, ‘Dalit Literature’ and a first of its kind discussion on ‘Music speaks’, there is also an element of delight in deliberation at the thought provoking literature haven. Another unique session is the Lafzee e Bayan - The beauty of Urdu Language poetry and Galib ek Dastan. Top it with evenings set around ‘Mushayara’ and ‘Jugal bandi’, and the culture lovers are in for a complete package of literature, live music and high spirits at Lit o Fest.

This is also the only literature festival in India which is publishing the awarded manuscripts of the young budding authors for free. The goal is to also help them understand the technical aspects of writing and publishing through several seminars. A lit-o-fest committee has been formed to offer deserving literature students scholarships and to also bring up selected needy students of JJ school of Arts.

With a unique format offering fourfold takeaways, ‘sabha’ i.e. discussions and workshops, ‘sammelan’ i.e. exhibition and art display, ‘sanskriti’ through plays and performances, and ‘sammaan’ implying awards and felicitations; the festival is truly one of its kind. For audience across sections and regions, the festival ensures uninterrupted flow of ideas, live music sessions, interactive workshops and a space to dare, dream and imagine.

Smita Parikh, Festival Director, Lit o Fest, shared, “Lit-O-Fest is extraordinary in every sense. From the time we conceptualised it the plan was to do the unthinkable – to put established, emerging and minority writers - all on one platform for the very first time! With engaging sessions with some iconic authors the festival diligently allocated equal space and attention to the young and talented English, Hindi as well as Regional language authors. With Book Designers, Painters, Illustrators & Musicians all under one roof, we have set out to create a never-seen-before literature carnival for everyone.”

On February 28th and March 01st 2015 at the JJ School of Arts, come prepared to spot legends Gulzaar Sahab, Javed Akhtar, Salim Arif, Quaisar Khalid, Mumtaz Rashid, Hasan Kamal, Wasim Barelvi and Kasim Imam at the Mushayara; music icons Hariharan, Jaspinder Narula, Abhijit Pohankar, Pandit Jitu Shankar, Anup Jalota, Gioconda and Talat Aziz at Jugalbandi besides the who’s who of the literature world.

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