Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pati, Patni aur Love Test on Bal Gopal Kare Dhamaal

Love knows no boundaries. Living up to this quote this week on Bal Gopal, Sharma Ji’s wife Sadhna will put Gopal Sharma on love test. Sharma Ji who lives a mundane life, gets into another mess created by his wife. Catch the entertaining episode coated with love today at 8:30 PM on Big Magic.  

During a gossip session, Sadhna and her friends decide to test their husband’s love for them. Sadhna asks Sharma Ji if he still loves her to which he gets surprised. Sadhna further asks him to write seven sacred marriage vows to prove his profound love for her which he refuses to do. Sadhna is annoyed with him and decides to leave the house. On the other hand Sharma ji’s son Ravi is also angry with him and thinks that his father doesn’t love him anymore. Just when everything seems upside down in Sharma Ji’s life, Bal Gopal comes to his rescue and does the trick. What trick will Bal Gopal play to rescue Sharma Ji?

Will Sharma Family learn its lesson? Catch Sharma Ji proving his love to Sadhna in the love test on Bal Gopal today at 8:30 PM on Big Magic.

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