Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Anushka sizzles sans make up!

We’ve all heard about how our Bollywood divas spend hours in their vanity vans to flaunt that flawless appearance but the gorgeous NH 10 star, Anushka Sharma, seems to be in love with her sans make up look. Recently, Ms. Sharma uploaded a couple of such pictures on Instagram and we aren’t complaining.

The young actress looks stunning in every single frame. Whether it’s the coy look, that impish smile or the current flavour of the season ‘the selfie’, Anushka’s beauty has left us speechless. Her flawless complexion and sharp features explain why she endorses so many beauty brands. With or without make up Anushka has bowled us over time and again.

As they rightly say, true beauty shines from within and Anushka seems like the perfect example.

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